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The Baltimore Watercolor Society offers its members opportunities to display their work in galleries stretching from the Eastern Shore to the mountains of Western Maryland as well as the suburbs of Washington, D.C. In addition, the Society hosts painting demonstrations and lectures, workshops, peer critiques, a monthly newsletter, bus trips to major exhibitions, and the opportunity to paint on location with other artists.

As a Regional Watercolor Society, BWS welcomes all artists residing in the "Mid-Atlantic" area (Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia, plus the District of Columbia) to apply for Signature membership. Associate and Exhibit Visitor membership has no geographic constraints.

How to Join

The Baltimore Watercolor Society offers two levels of Artist membership: Associate and Signature Artist, plus an Exhibit Visitors membership.

Download our brochure for more information about the Society. Please Note: The email address for Membership Chair has changed, use instead of the address in the brochure.

Signature Artist Membership

Paintings are juried for the Signature Artist level of membership twice each year in March and October. Watch our list of events for the next opportunity to apply.

You are also eligible for Signature membership if you have been accepted in the Mid-Atlantic Regional Exhibition three times. The burden of documentation rests on the applicant. Reach out to the Membership Chair with a letter listing the three years you were accepted into the Mid-Atlantic Regional Exhibition showing your artwork in the exhibition. with a copy of your letter of acceptance notice or copy the page in the Exhibition Catalog. Acceptance is subject to Board Approval. 

Here are some resources for you to learn more about Jurying:

Instructions for Entry, Jurying Guidelines, and Jurying Criteria.

If selected, Signature Artist dues are $35 annually. After 25 years of Signature artist membership, or after reaching the age of 75 and having been a Signature Artist member for at least 5 years Signature Artists are not required to pay dues . Once eligible, these Signature Artists are designated as having achieved Life status.

Associate Membership

You can join as an Associate member at any time. Use the form below to join as an Associate or Exhibit Visitor member.

Associate members receive a monthly newsletter and can participate in Workshops and other educational Programs offered by BWS. An all Associate exhibition is generally offered once per year.

Join as an Associate member for only $25 to become familiar with BWS. You can take advantage of BWS programs and workshops while waiting for the next Signature Artist Jurying event.

Exhibit Visitor

Exhibit Visitor members receive email notices about BWS exhibit receptions or other special events that are open to the public. If you are looking to include artwork in an exhibit, then join as an Associate.

In the form below, select either Associate Artist or Exhibit Visitor.

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Manage Your Membership

If you are a BWS member, you can manage your profile.

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    • Once logged in, click on the person icon again, or select "My Profile." On the My Profile page you will see a menu allowing you to select View profile, Change password, or Log out.
    • On the My Profile page, select Edit Profile to make changes.
    • When finished with your changes, select Save. If you decide you don't want to make changes, click Cancel.

      Managing What Others Can See About You

      If you want to alter what is visible in your record, return to the “View Profile,” then click on the “Privacy” link.

      You will see three columns, “Anyone,” “Members,” and “No Access.”

      • Items that are marked "Anyone" can be seen by the public.
      • Items marked "Members" can only be seen by other members.
      • Items marked "No Access" are only viewable by you, and BWS board members who are site administrators.

      To change who can see your information click on “Edit Profile” near the top of the page. In the Details to Show page, select who you want to be able to see the data in each row.

      To turn off sharing of any of your information, then remove the check mark next to the “Show profile to others.”

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