Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission

Here are the top entries from our current show at the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission.

The juror for the show was David Daniels. His web site is Mrwatercolor.com. Click here to read his statement about the show.

First Place
Karen Norman, “Clementines”
(Image not available)

Second Place
Susan Murphy, “The Retired Tool Maker”

The Retired Tool Maker

Third Place
Carolyn Councell, “Early Autumn”

Early Autumn

Honorable Mentions

Al Bishop, “Great Fall Rock Formation”

Great Fall Rock Formation

Kay Sandler, “Red Berries”

Red Berries

Janet Epstein, “The Awakening”

The Awakening

The juror for the show, David Daniels, had this to say about the show

It was a great honor to Jury the Baltimore Watercolor Society Exhibition. I have attended many of your exhibitions and was always impressed with the variety and quality of the work.This exhibit is no exception. The distinct difference is, this time I was charged with picking the award winners. I could no longer be a casual observer but had to don my jurors hat and make some difficult decisions. I do not take my job as juror lightly, as a working artist I am painfully aware that each painting is the extension of a real person.

Every since man first made marks on a cave walls, he has been driven to create, express and communicate. As a juror I consider all of these but focus more heavily on the communication aspect. I feel strongly that art must communicate a thought, idea, or feeling. I particularly look for art that ask questions rather than makes a statement. A little mystery and magic works well for me. Although technique is important, because an artist needs the tools to express himself, I am left unimpressed with paintings that simply present me with a check list of watercolor techniques. The ability to render an object realistically or put down a flawless wash is less importance to me than knowing  what the artist feels or thinks.

The real litmus test for me is rather or not I will ever think of a painting again, when I am not standing in front of it. In other words is there something about a particular painting that has worked it’s way into my psyche? Do this simple test for yourself, recall two or three of your favorite paintings, than ask yourself what is it about these works that made them unforgettable? Chances are, the creator was able to communicate a feeling, thought or idea in a new and meaningful way.

The paintings I have chosen to receive awards all exhibit the above criteria and left me wanting to see more paintings from those artists. Each of the painting chosen made me stop, observe, and reflect. Congratulations to all that entered the show and special congratulations to the award winners.

David Daniels