2016 Delaplaine Visual Arts Center Exhibit

August 6—28, 2016

Our judge was Matt Zoll.

Read his comments about the show.

About Matt Zoll

Matt Zoll has been painting professionally for twenty years and teaching since 1991. Matt studied under artists Ann Schuler, Will Wilson, and Gerome Atherholt while attending the Schuler School. You can read more about Matt at the website for his school, the Zoll Studio of Fine Art.

First Place
Bruce Woodward—“Territory”


Second Place
Michael Bignell—“Elite Coach in Odessa”

Elite Coach in Odessa

Third Place
Janet Arsenault—“Catoctin Creek”

Catoctin Creek

Honorable Mentions

Deb Cohan—“Beautification”


Angela Lacy—“Unexpected Pleasure”

Unexpected Pleasure

Harold Walpert—“View From Above”

View From Above


Juror’s Comments

1st place, Bruce Woodward—“Territory”

This piece is executed very well. The layering of the hills and the design of the darker earth colors lead you into this beautiful space. The sparse abstract sprinkling shapes of the melted white snow bring a cold feeling in this landscape as you might find in an Andrew Wyeth scene. The tall dark rugged pines make perfect backdrops to the delicate limbs of the white trees. The mixing of the colors and brush work is done exceptionally well to achieve the texture for the hills and the post’s help lead the viewer deeper into this wonderful painting.

2nd place, Michael Bignell—“Elite Coach in Odessa”

The amount of work and detail drew me to this piece. I found the juxtaposition of the mirrored reflections of the historic buildings lining the street very interesting. One can also compare the the reflection to a window looking back in time to what once was. The colors are very vivid and striking. Sometimes there is little emotion in photorealism, but this painting for me is about the reflection and the statement of the past and modern civilization.

3rd place, Janet Arsenault—“Catoctin Creek”

The fall colors and the movement of the water drew me into this painting. There is a nice sensibility of lost and found edges. A good example of this is the soft banks of the stream being broken up by the hard lines of the rocks. The water is handled very well and I feel you get a good sense of the motion of the stream.

Honorable mention, Deb Cohan—“Beautification”

I really liked this piece because of the simplicity of what is depicted. It shows me that to tell a story, no matter how simple, you don’t have to have extreme accuracy in your drawing. It reminds me of a scene Norman Rockwell may have done. The blue chair really gives a nice punch of color to the painting.

Honorable mention, Angela Lacy—“Unexpected Pleasure”

To me this piece was all about the sepia colors and the design. The brushwork, drawing and composition of the bikes is wonderfully executed. The tone on tone colors on the building provide a nice canvas for the graphic patterns of the graffiti.

Honorable mention, Harold Walpert—“View From Above”

I really respect the artist for going for this foreshortened view. The looseness of the strokes is very refreshing and a little out of control but maintains the emotion of the artist. I also found the title of this painting to be very inspiring. It could have just as well have been called, “View looking down.”