Mid-Atlantic Exhibit 2012

Below is a list of the artists and the paintings that were selected for the 2012 Mid-Atlantic Exhibition. Congratulations to all. The awards have not been granted yet. When they are, watch for a link to the show catalog.

Donna Anastasi - Older Than Dirt Two

Judy Antico - Saffron Hills

Kristrinah Ayala - Blue Heron Along the Bike Path

Yachiyo Beck - Juggling Thoughts IV

Janet Belich - Frosty Breakfast

Joyce Bell - Socks on Parade

Linda Benton McCloskey - A House Is Not A Home

Michael A Bignell - Eddie

Patricia Bishop - Delaware Crabs

Al Bishop - Still Life With Irises

Denny Bond - Aplomb

Carol Bouville - Memories of Japan

Nancy W. Brown - Short Order

Elizabeth Burin - Swamp Dweller

F. Dennis Clarke - Red Ship-Menemsha

Robert J. Coe - Scavenged

Deb Cohan - Individuality

Rachel B. Collins - Tuba I

Deborah Conn - Paint the Town Red

Eleanor Cox - Blackwater Falls

Anne Crown Cyr - Waiting At City Market Savannah

Doris Davis-Glackin - Golden Flame

Kathy Daywalt - Short and Stout

Jacquelyn Dinora - Orange Pekoe

Jeanne Dobie AWS NWS TWSA - Nikki Encircled

Chris Dodd - Serenity Interrupted

Barbara Durbin - To Have and To Hold

Joyce D. Durkin - Feeding Frenzy

Mary Eggers - In Case It Rains

Mary Fetter - Jerk Chicken-$5

Kay Fuller - Bonsai Shadows

Jerry L. Gadd - Longwood Garden Flowers

Betty Ganley - Spun Sugar

Lisa Gillispie - Soul Sisters

Laurie Goldstein-Warren - Fish Market - Chinatown

Sharon A. Green - Paper or Plastic

Debra Grayer Halprin - Brookside Path

Stephen T. Hanks - Near Oberammergau

Jack Harding - Cliff Palace 6

John S. Hassler - Kristina

Mimi Hegler - Mason Jar and Onions

Patricia Herlihy, AWS, df, NWS - River Scene

Susan R. Herron - Morning in Seattle

Catherine Hillis - Minor Adjustments

Kathryn Grill Hoeppel - The President's Chairs, The Homestead, VA

Elaine Hoffman - Sunday Morning Ritual

Laura Hwang - Dilemma - II

Shirley Apple Jenkins - Letting Go

Frank Kaifer - Morning Light

Maria C. Kirkland - About Flowers

Yolanda Koh - Bridesmaid in Red

Michael Kotarba - Misty Coast

Christine Lashley - Noon Nap

Jan Ledbetter - The Maya of Chichicastenango LXXIV

Patricia Leibowitz - Water Play

Susan Lenczowski - 101 East Melrose Street

Barry Lindley - Asian Afternoon VietNam

Ruth E. Lotz - Lyrical Summer

Meg Mackenzie - His Majesty

Jinnie May - An Italian Garden

Dr. Bernard M. McGibbon - Indonesian Mother and Child

Jeannie McGuire - Cerulean

Gail A. Mitchell - The Blue Chair

Marilyn Moore - Orchid Trio number 3

Susan Moses - Equine Out to Pasture

Marilyn J Patterson - March Melt

Ann Pember - Museo Majestuoso

Beverly Perdue - Gifts From The Sea

William T. Perry - Under the Pier

Isabel Pizzolato - My Darlin & Clementine

Roc Prologo - The Violin

Michele Rea - Lighting the Way

Dorrie Rifkin - Six Babes in a Row

April Rimpo - Flores

Barbara Scheihing - Rushing Waters

Linda Slattery Sherman - Mike

Julie A Smith - Mississippi Shrimpers

E. Jane Stoddard - Two Old Souls

Marjory Stoller - Cooperstown

Kathleen M. Stumpfel - Play Ball

Katherine Sullivan - Turnips

Irene Sylvester - Genesis II

Robert N. Talbert - Under Her Parasol

Cari Tobin - Winky and Friends

John W. Walker - Small Town USA

Debi Watson - Serenity

Judith Wengrovitz - Mannequins with Sun Glasses

Lang Wethington - Raspberry Field

Jeff Wilson - Autumn Ride

Donna Winterling - Juan

Joan S. Wolf - Front Street Mansion

Lois A. Wolford,NWS - Hoofing it in NYC

William C. Wright, AWS - One Inch Snow

Deborah P Wurzel - Monterey Roses

Estelle Zorman - Red Sky