Mid-Atlantic Exhibit 2013

Download the show catalog. The catalog includes pictures of the entries as well as a list of the award winners. Note: for best viewing, download the pdf file to your computer. The built-in pdf viewer in the Firefox browser does not work correctly.

Here are the award winners this year.

Watch for a link to the show catalog when it becomes available.

Al Bishop Memorial Gold Medal:  Larry Lombardo - If You Can Only See Through My Eyes

Waterworks Gibson Silver Medal:  Z L Feng - Red Brush

Amalie R. Rothschild Bronze Medal:  Denny Bond - Unraveled

Colson Art Printing:  Jeff Wilson - Ellicott City Station

M. Graham & Co.:  Kathy Michels - Sugar and Spice

Winsor & Newton/ColArt Americas, Inc.:  Robert Jenkins - Me

Canson-Arches Paper:  Brenda Will Kidera - Refreshing

Potomac Valley Watercolorists:  Christine A Heyse - Rain in the Magic Kingdom

Delaware Watercolor Society: Patricia Porter - Sleeping In

Blick Art Materials:  Daniel Vangeli - American Dream

Ampersand:  Peggi Habets - Northside Sweep

Ed Longley Memorial: Catherine Hillis - From Giotto’s Bell Tower

Washington Watercolor Association:  Mick Williams - Yesterday’s News

Airfloat Systems, Inc.:  Frederic S Briggs - Autumn Gold

HK Holbein:  Alexis Lavine - Sisters

Cheap Joes:  Karen Norman - Stirrings

Jack Richeson & Co.:  Sherrie Plonski - Hot Lights

Creative Catalyst:  Patricia Herlihy - Pilgrimage

Virginia Watercolor Society: Linda Slattery Sherman - Double-Take Birds

Edith Strange Memorial:  Yachiyo Beck - Ballerina

Jack Richeson & Co.: Carolyn E. Murphy - Artist at Work

Golden Art Supplies: Joanna Barnum - Kalindi Eating a Banana

Jack Richeson & Co.:  Roc Prologo - Exhausted

Fletcher Terry: Peter Hanks - Sunday Brunch


Below is a complete list of the artists and the paintings that were selected for the 2013 Mid-Atlantic Exhibition.

Congratulations to all!

Olene Albertson - Shirlington On a Summer Afternoon

Valerie Anderson - Submissive Power

Judy Ballance - Flower Child

Joanna Barnum - Kalindi Eating A Banana

Yachiyo Beck - Ballerina

Janet Belich - Snowy Hydrangeas

John C. Bierley - Le Chariot Aux Voiliers

Denny Bond - Unraveled

Gwendolyn C. Bragg - Water’s Edge IV Croatia

Frederic S. Briggs, AWS - Autumn Gold

Claudia L. Brookes - Joining the Herd

Diane Cannon - Five Ibis

Dexiang Chen - Swing and Rope

Deb Cohan - Nouveau Roma

Rachel B. Collins - Historical Horn

Cheryl Coniglio - Photo Op

Stephen Crooks - Harvest Ready

Leigh Culver - Still Standing

Joyce D. Durkin - Pitcher Plants

Z.L Feng - Red Brush

Laura Forslund - Solo

Elizabeth Forsythe, PWCS, DWS - Bay View

Kay Fuller - Abstract Landscape

Jerry L. Gadd - Broken Petal

Betty Ganley - Fixin’ to Go Fishin’

Elizabeth W. Gibson - Sun Catchers

Glenda  Haas - Cherry Tomatoes

Peggi Habets - Northside Sweep

Linda K. Hall - End of Season

Debra Grayer Halprin - A Colorful Day at Kensington Station

Margitta Hanff - Provence 1

Peter Hanks - Sunday Brunch

John S. Hassler - Cycle Side

Mimi Hegler - From the Garden

Patricia Herlihy, AWS df, NWS - Pilgrimage

Susan R. Herron, NWS - Day’s End

Christine A. Heyse - Rain in the Magic Kingdom

Catherine Hillis - From Giotto’s Bell Towner

Elaine Hoffman - Memories of My Past

Bill Jaeger - Purple Majesty

Robert Jenkins - Me

Shirley Apple Jenkins - French Soldier

Ardythe Jolliff - Autumn Blues

Brenda Will Kidera - Refreshing

Michael Kotarba - Winter Sunset

Alexis Lavine - Sisters

Jan Ledbetter - The Maya of Chichicastenango XXI

Patricia Leibowitz - Evening Light in Rockland, Maine

Pat Leith-Tetrault - Glass Mugs

J.M. Littleton - Sometimes It Is So Hard To Let Go

Larry Lombardo - If you can only see through my eyes

Jennifer Martin - Natural Music

Jinnie May - Backside of Morristown, NJ

Barbara McCool - Nature’s Ilizarov

Kathy Michels - Sugar and Spice

Marilyn Moore - Perched

Susan Moses - Agapanthus and Bee

Carolyn E. Murphy - Artist at Work

Susan Avis Murphy, AWS - Heading Home, Beijing

Chris Nelson - Never Sleeping

Kate Niner - Waiting for High Tide

Karen Norman - Stirrings

Isabel Pizzolato - Nuts!

Sherrie Plonski - Hot Lights

Patricia Porter - Sleeping In

Jill Poyerd - Still Waters

Roc Prologo - Exhausted

Jeannine Romano - The Student

Karen Schuster - Tawny Frogmouths

Linda J. Sherman - Jim

Linda Slattery Sherman - Double-take Birds

Mei Shu - Early Snow

Francis X. Smith - Whale of a Night

Nancy M. Stark - The Night Porter

E. Jane Stoddard, NWS, TWSA- Chain Gang

Susan M. Stuller - Past Reflected

Kathleen M. Stumpfel- White Chair

Katherine Sullivan - Summer Pleasure

Robert N. Talbert - Horse Barn Wall I

Nancy R. Thomas - Cultural Clash

Peter B. Ulrich - Brittany Clam Diggers

Daniel Vangeli - American Dream

Patrick Varriano - Tractor

Linda Verhagen - Branch Dancing

Stewart White - Mill #1

Tammy Wiedenhaefer - HindSight

Mick Williams - Yesterday’s News

Shelley Wilson - Mending the Sails

Jeff Wilson - Ellicott City Station

Lois A. Wolford - Day in Provence

Bruce Woodward - Winter Hunt

William C. Wright - Behind Window Arch, Arches NP

Christopher Wynn - Opening Night Buzz

Gail B. Zinar - Approaching Storm in Lewes

Barbara Zuehlke - Autumn Cut