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2021 Mid-Atlantic Regional Online Exhibition

BlackRock Center for the Arts

Germantown, Maryland 20874

June 12 - August 31, 2021

Judge of Selection and Awards: Anne Abgott


All images are the property of the artists and protected by copyright. No image can be used without the written permission of the artist.

List of selected artists for 2021 Mid-Atlantic Regional Exhibition

Artist Painting Title
Valerie Anderson Trois
Judy Antico Overpass
Janet Arsenault Confluence
Janet Belich Soup & Sandwich
John Bierley Glacial Thunder
Matthew Bird How We Face the World
Denny Bond Welcome To My World
Robert Bowden Field of Electricity
Gwendolyn Bragg Coast Colors
Noreen Brunini Coffee-Table Book Travel 2020
Elizabeth Burin Granite Morning
Maryann Burton Alternate Side of the Street Parking
Oleksandra (Sasha) Butts Cool Bean
Lizabeth Castellano-King Moored at Holbox
Deborah Cohan Carving Kathmandu
Deborah Conn Respite 2
Rod Cook After the Storm, Prospect St.
Eleanor Cox South Nags Head
Leigh Culver Baroque Nostalgia
Tanya Davis Koi: Crossing Paths
Jenny Davis Reckoning
Kathy Daywalt Shadiyah in Blue
Jane deGruchy Hope Is A Thing With Feathers
Theresa (Terry) Denney Docked at the Museum
Chris Dodd Moonshine
Christine Duke Inhabitable Iris
David Eakin The Gossips
Mona Frey Food for Thought
Kay Fuller Breaking the Code
Tracey Gage Hester St Market January 2020
Kathleen Giles Soulful Eyes
Ray Goodrow Girls Are Dancing (1)
Ann Greene Halfway Between Ragtime and Blues
Rachael Grimm Bridge Street City Island, The Bronx
Glenda Haas Sycamore - Kew Garden
Debra Halprin La Bella Vista
Amy Harris Shapes of a City
Mimi Hegler Heading Home
Janice Hendra Nigel Takes The Measure, While Enid Has Tea
Barbarra Herzfeld SUMO 8
Kristin Herzog A Walk in the Woods IV
Christine Heyse Capizzi
Catherine Hillis Anticipating Hope
David Hoque Josie
William Jaeger Eruption
Nishita Jain Sub-Zero
Shirley Apple Jenkins Let Me In
Ardythe Jolliff The Soloist
Christie Jones Which Way
Gina Judy Ballet Series VII: All Dressed
Sidra Kaluszka The Three Fates
Mark Kaufman Intensity
Brenda Kidera Gloriosa
Cecile Kirkpatrick Cordoba
Michael Kotarba Ghost Corral
Jennifer Koury Cazenovia Creek Falls, East Aurora, NY
Rick Kowalewski Low water (en équilibre)
Jim Kuhlman Transportation
Alexis Lavine A Point Well Taken
Marilyn Jennie LeMay Patterson Where once there was..........#1
Larry Lombardo Letting Go
Stacy Lund Levy Treading Tribe
Janet Hansen Martinet Dark Hollow Falls Illuminated 5
Charlotte Mehosky Cherished
Ally Morgan Girls II
Sue Moses All Dressed Up
Mel Neale Morning Shadows, Nantucket 1
Kate Niner Peering At Vermeer
Karen Norman Pointers
Roberta Oliver Reaching For The Light
David Outhwaite Rocks at Acadia National Park. Maine
Valerie Patterson A Moment With The Past
Ann Pember Harmonious Hibiscus
Luis F. Perez Cattle in Seville
Scott Ponemone Rite of Spring (Caroline & Patrick)
Delphine Poussot Purple Nautilus
Sydni Reubin Projection
Karen Riedy Light Reading
Dorrie Rifkin Zoom
April Rimpo Parade Play
Julia Rosenbaum Inside The Refrigerator I
Tim Saternow Famous Sichuan, Pell Street, Chinatown
Michael Scherfen Afghan Pashtun Tribesman
Alisa Shea Jazz is Jazz
Linda Slattery Sherman Searching for the Way Through
Mei Shu Breath of Nature
Carolyn Smith Madison at 72nd Street
Nancy Stark Resting On His Sails
Bonnie Steinsnyder Grand Entrance Through the Beaded Curtain
Jane Stoddard Piccioni I
Susan Stuller On Angels Wings
Kathleen Stumpfel No Hands
Jane Thomas A Big Day Ahead
Carmella Tuliszewski Sunset
Annette Uroskie Study in Red
Debra Valentino Renderings
Patrick Varriano Hudson
Pam Wenger The Skeptic
Kathleen Wert Storm
Tammy Wiedenhaefer Hold The Finish
Deanna Williford Moment of Comfort
Lois Ward Wolford Green Chairs
Sandy Yagel At Rest
Wynn Yarrow Behind the Cloud

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