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    • 10 Feb 2023
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    • 11 Feb 2023
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    Watercolor Reimagined


    Liz Walker

    February 10th-11th, 2023

    This is a ZOOM PROGRAM



    When: November 10, 2022, 10:00 a.m. EST

    Members Cost: $100


    When: November 24, 2022, 10:00 a.m. EST 

    Non-Member Cost: $135

    Not a member? 

    Consider becoming an Associate Member for $30/year

    FOR ONLINE REGISTRATION VISIT: and go to Public Events.

    Registration Deadline:  

    February 3rd, 2023, unless the program is full prior to this date. 

    BWS is pleased to present a 2 day Program with Artist Liz Walker.

    Artist Liz Walker

    Liz Walker, who creates award-winning paintings in her home studio in the Portland, Oregon area has been painting and teaching throughout the Pacific Northwest for over 20 years. Abstracted figures that convey a sense of “story” are her favorite subject matter, and she produces hundreds of paintings each year.

    She received her BA in Art from Trinity University in San Antonio, TX. Her work has been exhibited in regional and national juried shows, and in 2020 she received First Place in the 47th Annual Rocky Mountain Watermedia Exhibit for her black and white painting “Upon Closer Inspection”.

    Her paintings have been published in several North Light publications, including Watercolor Magazine and Artists Magazine. She is a Signature member of the National Watercolor Society, Northwest Watercolor Society, Western Federation of Watercolor Societies, and the International Society of Experimental Artists

    Visit her website for information about Liz and to see more of her art,



    All levels (basic knowledge & some previous experiences strongly recommended to benefit from this workshop)

    All levels are welcome but students should have an understanding of the watercolor medium. 

    Watercolor Reimagined

    Two Day Program (Feb 10-11 2023) 10am-4pm EST

    Use your familiar watercolor pigments and papers in a new way! By using acrylic matte medium, our watercolor paintings can soar to new heights. This medium allows us to create a new painting surface from which we can easily lift out color and put new color down in its place (without creating “mud”). It adds to and enhances your traditional watercolor pigments, creating texture and areas of visual interest in your paintings. This is a great way to combine acrylic techniques with your watercolors without having to purchase all new paints and papers. (Since we are covering papers with matte medium, you can even use inexpensive brands of watercolor paper!).

    Class Structure

    Class time will consist of demos of techniques and lots of time for students to paint. I will offer subject matter ideas and quick demos to illustration lessons, but everyone is free to use their own subject matter.

    Day One: Preparing Papers and Painting Exercises

    1: Discussion of materials and hands on preparation: pre-treating papers with matte medium and/or gesso

    • Demo of how to apply matte medium to clean wc paper (and pre-painted wc paper)

    • Smooth” method and “random” method (stamping/stenciling the matte medium)

    2: Slideshow (step by step/progress images of paintings)

    While our wet papers are drying, we’ll do this exercise:

    Blind Contour Drawing (from Sidewalk Crack photos)

    • Draw with black Stabilo Pencils; then seal the pencil lines with matte medium

    • Find (or impose) subject matter (or abstracted shapes)

    • Use a combination of transparent & opaque acrylics to create value and contrast between shapes

    3: Demo: how to plan/draw/paint in watercolor on treated papers

    • Using caran d’ache crayon to draw on treated papers

    • Wipe out color/add texture

    • Discussion of opaques vs transparent

    DAY Two: Repurposing Old Watercolor Paintings – Imposing Brand New Subject Matter

    Slideshow (before and after images of repurposed paintings)

    Demo: How to repurpose an old watercolor painting

    • Use linework to restructure the composition

    • Draw new subject matter on top (abstract and/or representational)

    • Lift out/isolate areas that aren’t working (using a wet sponge or brush)

    • Use gouache or opaque watercolors to cover areas

    With helpful techniques from the instructor, students will repurpose one or two of their old watercolor paintings (quarter sheet size is recommended).


    You can retrieve the Supply List here.

    We recommend you cover your workspace with a plastic tablecloth. 

    • The price for the workshop is $100.00 for BWS members (Signature Artists and Associates) and $135.00 for non-BWS members.  This price includes 12 hours of instruction (minus lunch and brief breaks). The cost to become an associate member is $30.
    • The class size is limited to 20 people, and the workshop cannot be split with another person.
    • Due to the high demand for workshops, all registrations have to be paid within 5 days of registering. No exceptions please.
    • Please pay online if possible; The payment system allows the use of your Credit Cards. Otherwise, checks should be made out to Baltimore Watercolor Society and mailed to Dana Kleinsteuber at the address below. Please enter the name of the workshop on your check.
    • Confirmation of your registration will be sent upon receipt of your check or online payment. Checks must be received within 5 days of registration to be considered as registered.

    FOR ONLINE REGISTRATION VISIT: and go to Public Events. 

    Remember that these workshops fill up very quickly. When filled, you can register on the waiting list.


    • BWS maintains a workshop waiting list. When openings occur, BWS fills the openings from the waiting list on a first-come, first-served basis. 
    • BWS adds names to the waiting list according to the date and time .
    • You can join the waiting list if a workshop is filled.
    • You can't join a waiting list before registration opens.


    • BWS makes decisions and incurs fixed costs based on the number of initial registrants. Cancellations can affect these costs even if there is a waiting list. In addition, cancellations incur processing fees and other costs paid by BWS as well as requiring extra time and organizational effort. Refunds for extenuating circumstances are at the discretion of the event coordinator.

    •  From registration date to 60 days prior to the event = 90% refund

    •  59 days to 21days prior = 75% refund 

    •  20 days to 8 days prior = 50% refund 

    •  7 days = no refund

    • Questions and requests to be added to the waiting list can be directed to Dana Kleinsteuber (BWS Program Chair) at


    This is a ZOOM workshop


     Instruction will be from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM EST both days.  

    Expect a break for lunch and other short breaks as needed by the instructor.

    Payments are preferred on line, but if you send a check, please have it made out to BWS and reference Liz Walker Workshop to:

    Dana Kleinsteuber BWS Program Chair
    4018 Twilight Grove Ct.
    Ellicott City, MD 21042

    • 23 Mar 2023
    • 10:00 AM
    • 24 Mar 2023
    • 4:00 PM
    • The Hawthorn Center, 6175 Sunny Spring, Columbia, MD
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    Make Your Photograph

    Work for You


    Joyce Bell

    March 23rd-24th, 2023

    10:00am - 4:00pm

    The Hawthorne Center, Columbia MD


    Members: January 4, 2023................10:00 a.m. $150

    Non-Members: January 18, 2023.........10:00 a.m. $185

    Not a member? 

    Consider becoming an Associate Member for $30/year. To pay the member fee you must become a member then register for Joyce Bell's class.

    FOR ONLINE REGISTRATION VISIT: and go to Public Events.

    Registration Deadline:  

    March 15th, unless the program is full prior to this date. 

    BWS is pleased to present local artist Joyce Bell teaching us how to work with our photos to create better paintings.


    Making your photograph work for you!! Let’s take a photograph and play with the lighting to see if we can find a better view. Sometimes a few objects will need to be deleted for the betterment of the painting. There are a number of alternative approaches that can make the painting more exciting. Never forget the negative spaces, sometimes they are more important than the subject. When in doubt remember to refer to the principals of composition and design, that’s where your answers can be found.


    All levels (basic knowledge & some previous experiences strongly recommended to benefit from this workshop/program)

    All levels are welcome but students should have an understanding of the watercolor medium.