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Bernice Kish Gallery Exhibit 2015


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Romanesque Road by SabineYeager - 3rd Place in Bernice Kish Gallery Exhibit 2015
Assateauge Channel by Bonita Glaser -1st Place Bernice Kish Gallery Exhibit 2015
Girl in Yellow Coat by Lois Wolford, Honorable Mention Bernice Kish Gallery Exhibit 2015
Building the Basement by Susan Avis Murphy Second Place Award Bernice Kish Gallery Exhibit 2015

Bernice Kish Gallery Exhibit held Oct/Dec 2015

Juror's statement by Christine Lashley

Thank you for allowing me to be the judge of your beautiful BWS show at Slayton House. All the work was of exceptional quality and I think each participant should be proud to be in the show. I chose the award winners on several different points: what stood out to me at first, what beckoned me to come back and revisit, technical merit, design, and the joy of the watercolor media. Also to some degree, what stayed in my memory as I moved through the rooms, and what was I still thinking about on the drive back. Another factor was presentation. It is critical to have clean mats with crisp edges and nicely cut corners with a frame that sets of the artwork to best advantage.

First - Bonita Glaser, Assateague Channel

This painting exemplifies the beauty and translucent quality of watercolor with it's shimmering washes for pools of water and varied vegetation. There is a confidence to the brushwork and an ease with the paint that makes for a very strong painting that transcends the sedate subject matter. Excellent use of diagonals and value shifts to lead the viewer's eye through the painting.

Second - Susan Murphy, Building the Basement

I enjoyed the confident use of opaque and translucent paint, backed with a solid and interesting design. The subject matter is secondary to the joy of shape, line, and color, moving throughout this artwork. I also enjoyed the occasional pops of color intermixed with the neutrals.

Third - Sabine Yeager, Romanesque Road

This whimsical, fun painting shows the artist's appreciation and love of the unique buildings and a great use of rich color. I was drawn in by the unconventional, yet personal viewpoint and tapestry-like effect of the overlapping shapes. Very nicely done subtle variation in the shapes and hues of greens and reds, and a good use of a complimentary color scheme.

Honorable Mention - Lois Wolford, Girl in Yellow Coat

This painting captured a great sense of place and feeling of movement. Nice use of wetness levels for the washes.

Honorable Mention - Joanna Barnum, Stargazing

A striking and well rendered portrait that showcases the artist's exceptional confident brush-strokes.

Honorable Mention - Kathy Dayawalt, Moonlight Spills Into Valley

I loved the richness of the textures and color. The many patterns and celebration of shapes form a harmonious whole.

Bernice Kish Gallery 2015 Exhibit

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Building the Basement by Susan Avis Murphy Second Place Award Bernice Kish Gallery Exhibit 2015

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