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"Mid-Tone Crisis - Ink First" with Joe Cibere

  • 03 Apr 2023
  • 9:30 AM
  • 06 Apr 2023
  • 4:00 PM
  • The Hawthorn Center, 6175 Sunny Spring, Columbia, MD
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  MARCH 27th


"Mid-Tone Crisis - Ink First"


Joe Cibere

April 3rd - 6th, 2023

There are 2 more spaces left for this workshop

Do you struggle with depth and dimension in your paintings? Are you lost in a mire of mid-tones? 
Then check out the article about our workshop instructor, Joe Cibere, in “Watercolor Artist” Magazine February 2019 issue, and sign up to learn not only a new technique, but how to use value to turn your photos into dynamic paintings.

Using ink qualifies as "Water media Art"

The Baltimore Watercolor Society is excited to feature a workshop with the internationally respected watercolor artist Joe Cibere.

The workshop will begin Monday, April 3rd and continue through

Thursday April 6th, 2023 at the Hawthorn Center in Columbia, MD.


Members: January 7th 2023................10:00 a.m. $425

Non-Members: January 21st 2023.......10:00 a.m. $475

Not a member? 

Consider becoming an Associate Member for $30/year

www.bws.wildapricot.organd go to Public Events. 

Registration Deadline:  March 27th 2023, unless the program is full prior to this date. 



Joe Cibere is a Signature Member of the National Watercolor Society and his painting style demonstrates his love of nature and wilderness. His "abstract realism" paintings integrate strong design and balance with a sense of illusion. He has appeared in "Watercolor Magazine" and in the International Artists book "The Watercolor Sky and Cloud Techniques of 23 International Artists". He is also in the book "Splash 20" and the 2019 February issue of "Watercolor Artist" magazine. His Studio is at Channel Islands, RoomR5 in Old Town Camarillo, CA. 



All levels (basic knowledge & some previous experiences strongly recommended to benefit from this workshop)

All levels are welcome but students should have an understanding of the watercolor medium. 

"As a watercolor instructor for many years, I’ve discovered that some students fall into the trap of what I call “mid-tone crisis”. No white paper left and they don’t know where to put their darks, a mid-tone mess! My super-simple technique for curing this is to use a 3-value NOTAN study to take the guesswork out of the design and painting process. How cool!"

The design above was done using the process of “NOTAN” to see the shapes defined by light & dark values. The final was painted with waterproof India ink so all that’s left to do is to paint the mid-tone color. I’ve had great results with my art using this method. We’ll also paint with a special semi-waterproof ink that breaks down into several colors 4-day Watercolor Workshop

"The challenge is to know when to stop and let the medium take over. That’s why the most successful paintings seem almost effortless," Joe asserts. "I always look forward to interacting with art patrons and other artists for feedback about the creative process & affirm that visual expression is one of life’s greatest joys.




 This is a suggested list and only a guide...

Joe's Palette

Most of my paints are M. Graham A couple are Daniel Smith or Holbein.  If in doubt, a warm and cool hue of red, yellow and blue, plus Paynes grey or a dark neutral tint

Materials you might want to try, i.e. Inks, colored pencils, markers, crayons, pastels and on and on....

Paper: 11x15 140# cold press watercolor pad (I use Strathmore (Brown Cover) If not on a block, bring a board to tape paper to it

Palette: Whatever you have as long it has a large mixing area

Watercolor Brushes: (Synthetics are fine) 1/2” - 1.5“ Flats Small, medium and large rounds

Medium Large Dagger Brush

Stuff: Spray bottle


Plastic palette knife


Water Container 

Masking tape (no blue)


Plastic wrap

Paper towels. sponge, rag

Red Prismacolor COL-ERASE pencil

Sketchbook: Whatever size you have

Sharpies - small, medium, large

reg. pencils, something to sketch with

kneaded eraser


Household Bleach, small bottle or container

Acrylic Ink: (important)

Daler Rowney FW Sepia

Daler Rowney FW Indigo

Daler Rowney  FW White

Waterproof Ink: (important)

Speedball Super Black India Ink

Fountain Pen Ink: (Important)

Robert Oster Signature Fountain Pen Ink. The color is "Graphite" - you can order this on, 

Calligraphy Pen:  Holder and Nib

Any inexpensive calligraphy pen, preferably a wide nib Nib holder and nib. (the nibs usually come in a set with the holder)


1 x Automatic Pen # 3A (1/4")  you can order this from 

This is a flat metal 1/4" nib with pen 

Drawing is a given. Design is everything. Failure is just feedback.

This materials list is a guide only. If you have materials that are close to the suggested ones please bring them and we can decide if you need to add anything. However, the paper is important and I recommend it be used for desired results. Fabriano, Arches, Strathmore (brown cover etc. are OK too...

  • The price for the workshop is $425.00 for BWS members (Signature Artists and Associates) and $475.00 for non-BWS members.
  • The class size is limited to 20 people, and the workshop cannot be split with another person.
  • Due to the high demand for workshops, all registrations have to be paid within 5 days of registering. No exceptions please.
  • Please pay online if possible; The payment system allows the use of your Credit Cards. Otherwise, checks should be made out to Baltimore Watercolor Society and mailed to Sabine Yeager at
  • 11315 Maplewood Drive 
  • Ridgely, MD 21660
  •  Please enter the name of the workshop on your check.
  • Confirmation of your registration will be sent upon receipt of your check or online payment. Checks must be received within 5 days of registration to be considered as registered.

We anticipate that Covid-19 will continue to be an issue when this event is held. BWS will be following Howard County guidelines in our event regarding wearing masks. Please be prepared to wear a mask in this public space during this workshop.

FOR ONLINE REGISTRATION VISIT: and go to Public Events. 

Remember that these workshops fill up very quickly. When filled, you can register on the waiting list.


  • BWS maintains a workshop waiting list. When openings occur, BWS fills the openings from the waiting list on a first-come, first-served basis. 
  • BWS adds names to the waiting list according to the date and time 
  • You can join the waiting list if a workshop is filled.
  • You can't join a waiting list before registration opens.


  • BWS makes decisions and incurs fixed costs based on the number of initial registrants. Cancellations can affect these costs even if there is a waiting list. In addition, cancellations incur processing fees and other costs paid by BWS as well as requiring extra time and organizational effort. Refunds for extenuating circumstances are at the discretion of the event coordinator.

  •  From registration date to 60 days prior to the event = 90% refund

  •  59 days to 21days prior = 75% refund 

  •  20 days to 8 days prior = 50% refund 

  •  7 days = no refund

  • In the event of inclement weather, the workshop will still be held unless the Hawthorn Center is unable to open or the workshop artist is unable to travel.  If BWS cancels the workshop, then all paid registrants will receive a full pro-rata refund for those days that were cancelled.

  • Check this website for changes, updates and new information.
  • Questions and requests to be added to the waiting list can be directed to Sabine Yeager at

The Hawthorn Center is located in the community of Hickory Ridge in Columbia, Maryland:

6175 Sunny Spring
Columbia, MD 21044-5623
Tel: (410) 730-7327


Hawthorn Center doors open at 9:30 AM on the first day April 3rd.

April 3rd.
Workshop instruction begins: 10:00 AM on the first day and ends at 4:00 PM

April 4th, 5th and 6th doors will open at 9:00 AM and instruction will be from 9:30 AM to 4:00 PM  

One-hour break for lunch
Hawthorne C
enter closes and doors are locked promptly at 4:30 PM

Payments are preferred on line, but if you send a check, please have it made out to: 

Baltimore Watercolor Society

Sabine Yeager, BWS Workshops Chair

3115 Maplewood Drive

Ridgely, MD 21660

reference Joe Cibere Workshop on your check

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