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Highlights Newsletter October 2021

President's Palette

Photograph of BWS president Sherry Morell

What’s your plan?

In our September newsletter, there was an “In Memoriam” notice for long time BWS Signature/Life Member Mary Bowerman who passed away at the age of 92 years, still actively painting. During the course of arranging for the images to accompany the notice, I spoke to Dr. Betsy Bowerman Cole, Mary’s daughter living in California, who told me that Mary had left a legacy and treasure trove of the over 800 beautiful paintings that she had created over the years!

Even after you have given away paintings to every sibling and family member down to the 3rd and 4th generation, along with all her friends, what are you going to do with all the left over paintings? We discussed options and possibilities, but short of standing on a street-corner and giving them away or storing them in boxes in the attic, there are few viable options. I sympathized as I faced the same dilemma when my own mother, also an artist – painting with oils and pastels - died. Our family here in Baltimore packed up 2 SUV trunk loads of her art works then drove them to Ohio and New Jersey, letting each relative chose their favorites. And we still had lots of paintings leftover.

It isn’t easy to part with the paintings that sometimes represent memories, either our own or those of loved ones. Some paintings are connections to the places we have visited and the people we have met or treasured, while others evoke a strong feeling or emotional response to an event – all those we just can’t sell. But for all the others, we need a plan. What is our plan for all our precious paintings when we are gone? My husband looks at me and asks the same question. Right now my answer is a storage locker in the basement, but that’s not a good one. What about you? Have you even thought about it? Or do you just stare at the growing pile and shake your head?

Pre-Covid, a group of us had an “Art Book Club” that read only books related to art and we discussed this same issue at length. There really isn’t much written for the “average” artist. We did find out that if we were all rich and famous we would have estate plans that create big foundations which would:

a) Authorize a representative to catalogue and verify in detail all our existing paintings, creating a document known as a “Catalogue Raisonn√©,

b) Make formal gifts of our best works to the top-tier art museums, and then

c) Sell the rest off in well known galleries or auctions at Christie’s or Sotheby’s, inciting a bidding war.

Don’t know about you, but that’s not me. For all the rest of us – we need a plan to deal with the piles of paintings we have created. What good are they under the bed or in a storage locker?

A good friend of mine is both a very prolific painter and excellent artist, with many of her paintings hanging on the hallway walls and in the treatment areas of a local hospital. While in waiting rooms and undergoing medical treatments there, I would stare at them and lose myself in her vibrant, beautifully painted plein air landscapes – far removed from the reality of the situation. Often, when she hosts a gathering, the attendees will each troop home with a chosen painting under their arms - one they come to treasure. Each time they look at it, they will think of her. She has a plan and has given away pieces of herself, to live on.

What are your plans? If you have a good one – let me know. I’m “all ears.”


    Upcoming Events

    Note: The above Upcoming Events summary only displays the start date for each event. For full details please click on the event, or visit the Events page.

    Important Notice Before You Come to BWS Workshops

    We know that many of our members are still hesitant about attending in-person events and working in crowded rooms. Likewise, we on the BWS Board do not want our workshops/demos to spread either Covid-19 or its new variants. Because of this concern we are taking every possible precaution that we can to protect the safety of our members and non-members at our events.

    Therefore, BWS will require and verify vaccination ID cards or proof of a negative Covid test, which is no older than 2 days prior to the event, at the entrance to the classroom. You will not be admitted unless you can provide one of these two documents. You must also wear a mask covering both your mouth and nose at all times during the workshop, unless you are actively eating or drinking.

    Chairs and tables will be positioned at the proper clearance distances by the BWS workshop facilitators and should not be moved any closer to the instructor. There will also be a few chairs set up by BWS in the aisle in front of the instructor’s table and these are reserved for registrants seated in the back row of tables. Thus, everyone will have an equal opportunity to watch the workshop demonstrations on the screen while seated at their desks or in the single chairs. No exceptions will be tolerated. We know that this is an inconvenience, but it is for everyone’s safety.

    We will not be serving our usual delicious refreshment buffet with self-serve breads, dips, cookies and “munchies” or pots of coffee. Instead, our Hostess will package individually wrapped goodies and a bottle of water for you. Participants will have to bring their own coffee or tea in spill-proof cups and thermoses, if desired. All of this may sound a bit extreme, but we want to protect your health. BWS hopes that you will appreciate these precautions so that we all may meet together again in the future and be able to paint and socialize under normal conditions.

    Important: If, for some reason, you can’t provide us with the proof of vaccination or negative Covid test, please contact me and cancel your registration, without penalty, for a full refund.

    Please note that these procedures may be amended in accordance with updated state or national regulations and the evolving virus situation. We will announce any changes on our website and in upcoming workshop e-mails.

    Sabine Yeager, Workshop and Program Chair

    2022 Workshops Added

    We will have two workshops with Tim Saternow in person at the Hawthorne Center next year: May 21-24 Perspective and Painting and May 2-5 Composition, Drawing, Values, and Painting. Stay tuned for event listings.

    Help! Treasurer Needed

    BWS needs your analytical talents, please! If you have a talent not only for art, but for numbers, and are familiar working with Excel spreadsheets and doing basic accounting and bookkeeping—we need your help! The organization is still looking for a Treasurer to take over from Gaye Holcomb who is retiring after 11 years as our faithful Treasurer. Since this position is a Board Officer, it must be filled by a Signature Artist. To inquire about the training and the duties, please contact Gaye at (410) 913-4105 or

    Signature Artist Jurying

    The October Semi-annual Signature Artist Jurying is rapidly approaching. The deadline to register and upload digital images is Monday, October 11, 2021.

    Due to Covid this event will be online only. To register, visit the listing in the Upcoming Events section of this website. Please carefully review all of the instructions. Register and upload four digital images of your best work. All Associate and non-BWS artists are welcome! Applicants must reside in the Mid-Atlantic Region: Delaware, District of Columbia, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, or West Virginia. 

    The Board will meet and review the submissions on October 21, 2021 and decision letters will be mailed within two weeks of that date. If you have any questions contact Stacy Lund Levy at We are looking forward to seeing your latest work.

    Welcome New Associates

    Carolyn Steinberg of Baltimore, MD

    Christine Zimmerman of Baltimore, MD

    McBride Gallery Exhibit

    The McBride Gallery Signature Member Exhibit is still open for registration through October 3 (or when the remaining spaces are filled), but some of the entries are already viewable on McBride's website as part of the gallery's promotion for the show.

    Member News

    BWS members may submit a 60-word announcement gratis to be listed under the heading "Member News." Images will be included as space allows. Submissions are due by the 15th of the month preceding publication date, and may be edited for length or clarity. Please e-mail your submissions to the Newsletter Editor at

    Boxed off featured ads are available for $25 and may include up to 100 words and one image. Contact the Newsletter Editor at for details.

    Angela Lacy's painting "Bike Rest" was accepted to the 2021 Missouri Watercolor Society International Juried Exhibit and "Great Expectation" was selected for the Pennsylvania Watercolor Society’s 42nd International Juried Exhibition.

    J. M. Littleton is offering online private and group classes and in-person classes, Friday and Saturday mornings, She is teaching BlackRock Center For The Arts online workshops on October 23 and November 20, 11- 2 pm. Enroll at

    Karen Norman had work selected for the National Watercolor Society 101st International Open Exhibit 2021 and is a new Signature Member of NWS. She earned an Honorable Mention Award in the Women in Watercolor international online exhibit.

    Annie Strack won 2nd Place in Georgia Watercolor Society Annual Members Show and Merit Award in Hawaii Watercolor Society Annual National Show. Her paintings were also juried into Philadelphia Watercolor Society 121st International Show, North Star Watercolor Society 7th National Show, Arizona Watercolor Association Annual Members Show, and Northeast Watercolor Society 45th International Show. She earned Signature Status in PWCS.

    Diane Gibson will give a one day plain air workshop at Jerusalem Mills in Kingsville, MD on October 13, 2021. Details through Harford Artists' Association, call 410-420-9499 to register.

    Diana Marta ("Splash," below) and the painters in her studio classes are exhibiting watercolors and water mixed media at the Bernice Kish Gallery in Slayton House, October 21-December 10. The reception for “Ideas and Imaginings” will be held Sunday, October 24,3-5pm. The Gallery is located at 10400 Cross Fox Lane, Columbia, MD, 21044 and online at Village of Wilde Lake.

    Watermedia painting by D. Marta, expressive gold and orange fish surrounded by swirls in blue and green."Splash" by Diana Marta

    April Rimpo’s painting “Corn Queen” (below) was selected for the "Art HoCo 2021" exhibit at the Howard County Center for the Arts, 8510 High Ridge Rd, Ellicott City, MD from October 16–November 27, 2021. 

    Watermedia painting by A. Rimpo, a portrait of a smiling woman in glasses wearing a crown and necklace made of corn, holding multicolored corn cobs."Corn Queen" by April Rimpo

    Advertisement from FM Brush Company, Inc.:

    "A tradition of excellence from the name you trust, Dynasty, Manufactured by: FM Brush Company, inc. est. 1929"Dynasty’s Premium Watercolor collection is a fabulous collection of watercolor brushes for watercolor artists from beginner to experienced. This set includes 10 brushes from 4 of our most popular brush collections in a classic linen type rollup.

    The set includes one each of the following: Black Gold 6 Round, 3/4" Flat Wash, & 24 Jumbo Round; Faux Kolinsky 12 Round & 3/4" Flat Wash; Faux Squirrel 6 Aux Reservoir Liner & 1 Flat, 1"; Water Lily 1” Watercolor Flat, 12 Round & 1/2" Cat Tongue.Photo of the Dynasty brush set with case, laying on top of a watercolor painting of a pink flower


    Fallbrook Art Center
    13th Annual Signature American Watermedia International Exhibition
    Fallbrook, CA
    Entry Deadline: November 8, 2021

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