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Baltimore Watercolor Society Highlights Newsletter

April 2023

President's Palette

Travelin’ Time

A slightly off-kilter version of Willie Nelson’s record-breaking (and totally sing-able, regardless of my level of talent) hit ballad “On the Road Again” has been rolling around in my head for several weeks. Why, you ask? Well, it’s all because the Board has been working on a group of targeted “Road Trips” for our members during the next few sunny months. All together now...

“On the road again 
Just can’t wait to get on the road again
The life I love is (making music -sorry Willie) “painting pictures” with my friends
And I can’t wait to get on the road again
On the road again
Going places that I’ve never been
Seeing things that I may never see again
And I can’t wait to get on the road again”1

Read on and you will see that we are going to all points on the Compass - where we can either View magnificent pieces of art - or Make them, ourselves:

April 17th - BWS Bus Trip to New York City to see the annual American Watercolor Society Exhibition at the Salmagundi Club, along with visiting the MET or other art galleries in the area. Seats are still available at our two pick-up locations, please join us.

April 21st - a group “carpool or caravan” to Mary Whyte’s exhibition: We the People: Portraits of Veterans in America for an in-person tour just for BWS, at Mary’s personal invitation. (National Museum of the U.S. Army, Fort Belvoir, VA)

October 6th - BWS Mid-Atlantic Exhibition, Gaithersburg, MD. Opens for registration June 2nd, so put the finishing touches on your paintings and fill Jim’s Mid-Atlantic Cafe mailbox to overflowing with spectacular works.

May 9th - our Annual Member Event, a Plein Air Gathering and Luncheon at Historic Elkridge Furnace Inn, Elkridge, MD. This was a real hit last year and was requested again.

May 20th - Matt Fenton, Plein Air Painting class at Benjamin Banneker State Park, Catonsville, MD.

East- (well, actually North-east)
September - Diane Gibson, Plein Air Painting class at Jerusalem Mill and Village, Kingsville, MD. In Process

We encourage you to grab your gear and come On the Road with BWS. Maybe you, too, will be singing Willie’s famous refrain. Hmmm - I think that our next Signature and Associate Exhibits might contain a lot of plein air paintings, considering all these fun-filled opportunities.

Sherry Morell
BWS President

1. Willie Nelson “On the Road Again” (words and music), 1980, Columbia Records

    The Board would like to introduce you to the man who has modernized our Highlights newsletter with a new header and layout. He has been working behind the scenes for about 6 months, but it’s time for you to meet him face to face. So please say “Hi” to Devin Lulu.

    Devin K. Lulu, BWS Newsletter Editor

    Devin started drawing at an early age and loved taking art, graphics and drafting classes in school. He received an Associate's degree in Commercial Art in 1992 before joining the design department of a community newspaper in Yorklyn, DE. Six years later, he began working for a digital graphics and large-format printing company in Newark, and since 2001 has been a freelance graphic designer.

    In 2016, Devin's watercolor journey began when his father-in-law invited him to a watercolor class with Maryland artist Geraldine McKeown. He was hooked. 

    After joining BWS as an Associate Member in March 2019, Devin was juried a Signature Member in November 2021. The following Spring, he joined the BWS Board as the Newsletter Editor when Joanna Barnum stepped down after serving for an incredible ten years.

    Devin enjoys painting landscapes, seascapes, birds, and old boats, cars and buildings, and he is looking forward to doing more plein air painting this year.

    Devin lives in Newark with his wife, Dr. Tara Whelan, a Chiropractor with a practice in Newark.

    Learn more at

    It’s Back – New York City, Here We Come!

    BWS Bus Trip to the American Watercolor Society Exhibition in NYC – April 17, 2023

    Come with us to see the paintings, 13 of them by our fabulous BWS artists, which were accepted into the most prestigious exhibition in the U.S. 

    Mask Policy will be in place on the bus for your safety in close quarters and to protect any in our midst at high risk or with families at high risk of respiratory illnesses.

    Available to BWS members and the public.  You may invite a guest.

    April 17, 2023; 7:00 am -11:00 pm.  2 bus pick-up locations: Security Park and Ride/ Deereco Park and Ride, Timonium.

    The Bus trip to NYC to see the American Watercolor Society Annual Exhibition will be on Monday, April 17, 2023, on a chartered Gunther Bus.

    The bus will have two pick-up locations:

    Arrive at 6:45 am at the Security Park and Ride at the end of I-70 at exit 94 off the Baltimore Beltway, with prompt bus departure at 7:00 am.  A BWS member will check you in at the Security Park and Ride.

    Arrive at 7:15 am at the Timonium Park and Ride, Deereco Road between Timonium and Padonia Roads, with prompt bus departure at 7:30 am.  A BWS member will check you in at the Deereco Park and Ride.

    The bus will arrive at the Salmagundi Club at about 11:30 am.  You will have some free time to explore until the Salmagundi opens at 1:00 pm. There are several good restaurants on University Place, one block east of where the bus drops us off in front of the Salmagundi Club.  Also the Strand Bookstore is nearby at 828 Broadway and 12th Street. You may want to have your main meal at lunchtime due to our early departure time and no dinner stop. 

    Promptly at 2:40 pm the bus will transport you to the Metropolitan Museum of Art  (the MET)  at 1000 5th Avenue at 82nd St.; Admission: Adult: $30, Senior: $22, Student: $17. NOTE: These museum fees are not included in the BWS event fee.  Another option to visit in the area is the Guggenheim Museum, several blocks away along 5th Ave at 1071 5th Avenue, between 88th and 89th.  You may grab a quick bite at a local restaurant in the area, at a café in the MET, or buy something off of a Food Truck in front of the MET.  The MET closes at 5:00 pm.

    Board the bus at the MET at 5:45 pm for a prompt departure from the Metropolitan at 6:00 pm.  The bus will be waiting in front of the Museum for the return to Baltimore.  IMPORTANT: If you are not on the bus by 6:00 pm at the MET, we will assume that you have made other plans to return to Baltimore. You must inform the trip organizer of all plan changes.  We do not want to leave you in NYC due to miscommunication.  

    Drop off:
    Deereco Park and Ride: 10:30 pm

    Security Park and Ride: 11:00 pm

    Registration opens for BWS Signature Artist, Life and Associate Members on March 1, 2023.

    Registration is open to the public on March 15, 2023.

    Deadline for registration is April 8, or until the bus is full, whichever comes first.

    Cancellation Policy:  75% refunds if notified on or before March 27, 2023.   

    Important:  Registration is dependent upon reading and agreeing to the “Release and Indemnity” waiver on the registration form: 2023 BWS NY Bus Trip to AWS Show 

    Cost:  $75 per person

    Come with us.  See the Upcoming Events section for the link to the event for more details, and see you on the bus!

    Please direct questions to Sherry Morell at

    Schedule of events related to the 2023 Mid Atlantic Regional Watercolor Exhibition

    Here is a list of dates related to the 2023 Mid Atlantic Exposition. Please mark your calendars and look for details in future BWS communications. We look forward to seeing your submitted paintings and welcoming you to the planned events.

    • CaFÉ system open for entries - June 2 through Aug 2
    • Notification of accepted entrants - Sept 1
    • Painting drop-off - Oct 2, 10am-2pm
    • Announcement of awards - Oct 3
    • Exhibition open - Oct 6, 2023 through Jan 15, 2024 at the Arts Barn and Kentlands Mansion in Gaithersburg
    • Opening reception and awards presentation - Nov 12, 2-4pm


    BWS Annual Member Meeting/Luncheon
    Paint en plein air / Socialize with artists and friends!

    Gardens, vistas, and the Patapsco River await BWS at the Historic Elkridge Furnace Inn, Tuesday, May 9, 2023. The event will start at 10am and continue until 3:45pm.

    Bring your easel and painting supplies to create all day! You might prefer a sketch pad and pencil or just a camera to take references for future paintings. But, do come to enjoy our chef prepared, farm to table, box lunch served at 12:30pm in the tent. It’s a great opportunity to meet and get to know fellow artists and your BWS Board Members.

    The cost is $51 each for members and their guests. Stay all or part of the day. Details, menu, and directions are available on our website. Register and pay online at Registration closes April 24. We hope to see you there.

    Questions or help with registration:

    Upcoming Events

    Note: The above Upcoming Events summary only displays the start date for each event. For full details please click on the event, or visit the Events page.

    JOIN US!

    BWS Associate Member Exhibit
    Roland Park Presbyterian Church

    4801 Roland Ave, Baltimore, MD 21210
    Exhibit closes May 5th, 2023

    member News

    BWS members may submit a 60-word announcement gratis to be listed under the heading "Member News." Images will be included as space allows. Submissions are due by the 15th of the month preceding publication date, and may be edited for length or clarity. Please e-mail your submissions to the Newsletter Editor at

    Boxed off featured ads are available for $25 and may include up to 100 words and one image. Contact the Newsletter Editor at for details.

    Amy Arons' painting "Celebration2" (shown) was awarded “Best in Show” at the annual Essex Watercolor Club exhibition at the Library of the Chathams, Chatham, NJ, February 27, 2023.

    April Rimpo's painting "Energetic Stream" (shown) was selected by juror Carrie Waller for inclusion in the Louisiana Watercolor Society's 53rd International Exhibition.

    Jim Kuhlman would like to invite you to the opening reception of his one man show at Monument Sotheby's at 7707 Bellona Ave. in Ruxton on Thursday, April 27th from 4-7. The show will be open until July 27 from 9am until 4pm. Many works will be making their debut, including "A Fan of Bermuda" (shown).

    J. M. Littleton's painting, "Remembering Portland (Lighthouse)" (shown), was accepted into the Pennsylvania Watercolor Society Members Exhibition. Thank you juror, Annie Strack! J. M. was invited to the Carroll County Art Guild in March to give a presentation on her artistic process. Weekly classes, Lectures, Demos, Workshops, contact J. M.,

    Nishita Jain’s painting "Slumbering Marina in Alameda" (shown) has been accepted in the upcoming 2023 National Watercolor Society Member Exhibition, to be held online from May 4 - June 30, 2023.

    Kathy Daywalt's watercolor triptych “Better Together” (shown) was commissioned by the City of Gaithersburg and will be displayed in the lobby of their municipal building at 16 South Summit, Gaithersburg, MD, following completion of a renovation. Painted on YUPO, each of the three pieces is 20x38".

    Call for 2023 BWS Signature Member Exhibit

    BWS will be calling for Artists to submit paintings later this month for the BWS Signature Member Exhibit. It will run from June 28 - August 13, 2023 at Quiet Waters in Annapolis, MD. Stay tuned for more information. 

    Lessons We Picked Up Along the Way

    Hi fellow artists, me again. This column is a place for sharing art related tips. Any time you come across a great product, website or technique that seems useful pass it on to the rest of us. If we have to rely on me alone to come up with ideas this column will not last long. Send your tip to Dana Kleinsteuber at I will post them here so we can all benefit. The tips are for all levels of painter so some things you may already know and some may be a revelation. The idea is that we can all share great ideas. Some examples are below.

    1. Are you interested in a light box? It is a tool used to transfer a picture. A light shines under a picture allowing you to trace it onto a blank sheet of (watercolor) paper firmly secured above it. Check out the photograph below. Special thanks to Sharon Green.

    This light box is made with a sheet of plexiglass sitting on top, and four pieces of foam core cut with slots, so that the pieces stay together. You use a little plant light sitting inside that directs a nice strong, light through the plexi and the picture you want to copy and the watercolor paper above it. It can also be used as a tabletop easel for taking to a workshop. It is homemade, inexpensive, adjustable and easy to carry.

    2. Paint. Which one is the best? We all have our preferences but the best paint is professional grade. If you use student grade paint the results will be lighter. Student grade means more binder and less pigments. If you use hard dry chunks of paint the result will be lighter than using fresh professional grade tube paint. More water means lighter. So how do you make your colors dark? Use fresh paint and enough water so it does what you want. If you use a white pallet look at your paint on the pallet. You need water to make the paint move. Can you see through it? If it is light on the pallet it will be light on your paper. Too little water and the paint will not move.

    3. Trying to photograph your art can be challenging. The first thing you need to do is make it flat. Spray the back of the painting lightly and put it between two clean surfaces. Add weights and let it dry. Attach the painting to a flat surface with tape under the painting.

    4. The colors don't always come out like your painting. Take your photos in different kinds of light to see what comes closest to the real color. Bright indirect light is a good place to start. Too much light will blow out the color making it too light. To little light and you picture will not be clear. The happy spot is somewhere in between.

    5. There are two spots left in the Joe Cibere workshop. The night time demonstration is now open as well.

    6. Stacy Lund Levy will teach us all how to enter our paintings into shows on June 6th. Check out the announcement on the BWS website. The program is free to BWS members.

    7. Several of the opportunities available to members are for plein air painting. Consider joining us at the member luncheon at the Furnace Inn or the Matt Fenton program. The Matt Fenton program includes plein air instruction. The plein air set up doesn't have to be elaborate. You can get away with a folding chair that has a cup holder, a container with water, a cup to hold the water, a half pan set (or a small travel palette with dabs of your favorite colors) with a round brush, a liner and a flat brush and a small pad of watercolor paper with a small sketch book and a pencil. If you are interested in the Matt Fenton program look at the announcement on the BWS website for the supply list.

    8. When you get to the paint out choose a simple subject. A building in one point perspective, a tree or simple limited landscape are all on the simpler side. Do a thumb nail sketch in your sketch book of your painting idea, paying attention to the shapes and the values. Remember you can move things and change colors. Enjoy the fellowship, delicious cuisine, painting and the day!

    Looking for Graphic Designers to Help with Design of a New BWS Recognition Pin

    Recently the BWS Board of Governors reviewed the achievements of our membership and noticed several have been accepted into the Mid-Atlantic Regional repeatedly. We were impressed with your dedication to BWS, the consistent excellence of your art, and your faithfulness in entering our prestigious exhibition year after year.  

    As you know, currently any member whose paintings are selected three times in the Mid-Atlantic Regional Exhibition qualifies as a Signature Artist. We have voted and approved two new levels of recognition.

    • BWS Watermedia Master is achieved when a BWS Signature Artist is selected at least six times in the Mid-Atlantic Regional Exhibition. They are allowed to use the initials BWS-WM after their signature.
    • BWS Watermedia Master Elite is achieved when a BWS Signature Artist is selected at least ten times in the Mid-Atlantic Regional Exhibition. They are allowed to use the initials BWS-WME after their signature.

    The Board agreed a lapel pin will be presented to the recipients as part of the recognition. Lapel pins can be worn not only on your lapel but on a purse or elsewhere. The current vision is to obtain a 0.75" die-struck pin with an imprint stamped in bronze-tone metal that reads "BWS Watermedia Master" or "BWS Watermedia Master Elite" around the edge of the pin with a graphic image in the center of the pin. As you may know the American Watercolor Society uses a Dolphin for their Dolphin Fellowship medals.  The Philadelphia Watercolor Society has a Crest Medal that looks like a wave. We are looking for Graphic Designers among our membership who could provide designs for consideration for the center of the pins. 

    The best way to let us know you have Graphic Design experience is to select the Graphic Design option as one of your 'Participation Interests' in your BWS membership profile. Simply edit your profile to let us know. We'll query your records at the end of March, then reach out for your ideas for pin designs.  

    Start thinking about simple images that would fit in the center of the pin. We are not looking to use the BWS logo.  Although AWS and PWCS chose water based images, it could be something as simple as a small sprig of flowers. The BWS Board reserves the right to make the final selection for the design.    

    Call for Spring Paintings

    Are you as anxious for Spring to burst forth as much as we are? We'd love if you would share some paintings with us that we could use in our emails and that would be included in our April newsletter. Like last time, send an image of your painting to our newsletter editor at, and we consider that approval for use in BWS emails as well as the newsletter publication.

    Please be sure your image only shows the painting image, no mat or frame. The files should be 600 pixels in the longer dimension. If you are uncertain how to size your images refer to our website page,

    Welcome New Associate Members

      Diana Bozza, Falls Church, VA

      Laura Dutton, Timonium, MD

      Barbara Gill, Silver Spring, MD

      Mary Heying, Laurel, MD

      Sharon Prestel, Ellicott City, MD

      Frank Spino, Perryville, MD

      Sara Voigt, Baltimore, MD

      All images are the property of the artists and protected by copyright. No image can be used without the written permission of the artist.

      Board of Governors and Committee Chairs
      Baltimore Watercolor Society, a 501c3 Nonprofit Organization

      Please note: Multiple names are listed for several positions as both the outgoing current Board Member and the new member in training are included.

      President: Sharon Morell,, 443-465-1863

      Vice President:


      Treasurer: April Rimpo,, 443-766-0148

      Assistant Treasurer: Ruth Lampi,, 240-515-0552

      Mid-Atlantic Co-Chair (new): Jim Sandford,

      Mid-Atlantic Co-Chair (outgoing) : Sharon Green,, 410-363-1922

      Mid-Atlantic Committee: Susan Bradley, 301-525-6303

      Workshops Chair (outgoing) : Sabine Yeager,, 410-245-0366

      Workshops and Programs Chair: Dana Kleinsteuber,, 410-917-7935

      Webmaster: Bob Coe, 410-877-3730

      Newsletter Editor: Devin Lulu,, 302-690-8635

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      Membership/Jurying: Kathleen Gardiner, 410-991-1183

      Mid-Atlantic AwardsJanet Arsenault, 410-713-0248

      Mid-Atlantic Awards: Janet Freeman, 410-299-3906

      Exhibits Chair: David Drown, 410-971-9769

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