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Highlights Newsletter December 2021

President's Palette

Photograph of BWS president Sherry Morell

Changes, Changes, Changes

As we look toward the New Year, it always seems be a time of change. We inevitably make resolutions to improve something – be it our health by losing weight, catching up on backlogged correspondence, or even to quit procrastinating and finally clean out the basement or attic or maybe just our desktop. Some people even take the leap toward retirement.

Several months ago our hardworking Treasurer since 2011, Gaye Holcomb, announced hers and we searched in vain for a replacement. Gaye, even though her stature is diminutive, leaves big shoes to fill, and several folks have tried to fill them without success. Then at our last Board meeting Sharon Green, our Mid-Atlantic Chair for 13 years, announced that she will also be retiring in June (after 23 years on the board)! Yes, we knew that both of these changes were coming but that doesn’t make them any less of an upheaval.

Many of the positions on the Board require specific skills – for example the Treasurer’s position requires basic accounting skills, computer skills and familiarity with spreadsheets and databases due to our use of Wild Apricot and its payment module AffiniPay. The Mid-Atlantic Exhibit Chair not only locates venues and jurors but negotiates contracts, organizes the exhibit, receives painting images (a high percentage of which must be resized as they were incorrectly submitted), etc., etc., etc., all of which requite computer and juggling skills. How do we find members who might serve in these positions?

Do you remember those surveys you are asked to fill out each year when you pay your dues? There are questions in them about volunteering and what skills you possess which could serve our organization. Ah ha! Several of us spend time pouring over them to find people with the talents needed in specific jobs – I know that I do. April Rimpo is currently revamping the survey so it will be even more useful in finding volunteers. Another way to volunteer is to ask members of the Board how you can serve BWS and we can put your name and interests on a list for prospective Board Members.

But back to the retirements and changes – some which involve current Board members changing responsibilities and some of which involve new or returning Board members:

1) So Gaye Holcomb, BWS Treasurer, is retiring in January and April Rimpo has left her position of Membership/Database Chair (where she juggled statistics and every data problem imaginable since 2004) to take over as the Treasurer.

2) This change left the Membership/Database Chair empty. New Signature Artist (via three acceptances in the Mid-Atlantic) Janice Hendra will be joining the Board and taking over there, putting to work her skills gleaned from being a systems analyst for 30 years.

3) Sharon Green’s retirement will leave the Mid-Atlantic Exhibit Chair open and now Stacy Lund Levy has stepped in to take over those reins. Stacy has been our Membership/Jurying Chair since 2018.

4) Membership/Jurying – with the departure of Stacy as Jurying Chair, Kathleen Gardiner will join the Board and take over that position, to guide applicants through the process toward Signature Membership.

5) Mid-Atlantic Awards Co-Chair, Dana Kleinsteuber is transitioning to the re-instituted Programs/Events Chair position as we will be doing more short programs and demos in the upcoming year(s). Janet Freeman has now joined the Board as part of the Mid-Atlantic Awards solicitation group.

6) Lastly, Jeffery Turner resigned from Exhibits this Fall due to other heavy commitments and is being replaced by Jennifer Kohn Murtha who is returning to the Board, having worked previously on Exhibits from 2004-2005 and who is already busy lining up venues.

I know these seven changes are a lot to take in – I have to use a flow chart to keep everything/everyone straight – and though we are so sad to lose our beloved Sharon and Gaye as we owe them a debt of gratitude for so many years of excellent service to BWS, we are excited to welcome the new faces and talents of Janice, Kathleen, Janet and Jennifer to join us. You will learn more about these folks in the months to come from their bios in the newsletter, but know that we, and they, are looking forward to an exciting New Year of working for you and BWS.

So from our homes to yours, the BWS Board and I wish you and your families a very Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and a Blessed and Healthy New Year,

As always, 


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    Thanks for your patience and understanding as we move ahead.

    Bob Coe, Webmaster

    Welcome New Signature Artists

    New Signature Artists are announced only after their dues have been paid and they are considered in good standing. Additional new Signature Artists will be announced next month.

    Linda Daniels Cermak of Boonsboro, MD

    Kathleen Jamieson of Arlington, VA

    Ruth Lampi of Chevy Chase, MD

    Devin Lulu of Newark, DE

    Tena Turner of Silver Spring, MD

    Welcome New Associates

    Eric Miller of Hanover, PA

    McBride Gallery Exhibit Results

    Thank you to Juror Sunhee Kim Jung for providing the following comments and selections for this show:

    It’s a great honor to jury the exhibition here with amazing works. I categorized Artistic Component, Creativity and Completeness. All the painting techniques and watercolor skills are well developed.

    From landscapes of nature, still life, figures, and even graphical representation in the painting, it was really hard to choose the top three. These works are just simply proof that all artists are masters in their own right. So I focused on the paintings which evoked my emotions. These emotions led me to wanting more, to go beyond the surface.

    First Place: “Rocket Riders” by Lois Wolford

    "Rocket Riders" touched my emotions. I could feel frustration, anxiety, freedom and joy but also their endless passion for riding throughout the background colors.

    Rocket riders, watermedia painting by L. Wolford, five figures standing with motorcycles in warm colors

    Second Place: “Somebody Bring Me A Biscuit” by Stacy Lund Levy

    "Somebody Bring Me A Biscuit" gave me a peaceful and loving feeling. I wanted to reach out and hug the dog to share the peace and love.

    Somebody Bring me a Biscuit, watermedia painting by S. Lund Levy, a hound dog sleeping on a sofa in shades of brown

    Third Place: “Treeflections” by Janet Belich

    This painting divided many surfaces into many forms to be shown in a wonderful graphical design format. Lines and colors were excellent to show the seasonal changes incredibly.

    Treeflections, watermedia painting by J. Belich, a tree reflected in a store display window

    Honorable Mention: “The Layover” by Sinika Benson

    The expression of these three ladies at the airport is good and fun to watch. Reading, knitting, napping, the three ladies show our normal human lives. It’s story telling and with the back shadows, there are still so many things that are hidden behind our lives.

    Honorable Mention: “Star of Bethlehem Steel” by Cheryl Himelright

    What is the number 6 meaning in this painting? With the fading away images, aged rusty images, broken windows. Everything is old and broken yet a new life is thriving. It reminds me of humanity. The contrast is a very attractive.

    Honorable Mention: “Pointers” by Karen Norman

    "Pointers" is a gorgeous painting with the gorgeous background wall color. It’s truly a master’s art work.

    My choice was very subjective so please don’t get discouraged or disappointed when your name was not called. Your hands are all master’s hands. Congratulations all! You deserve all the honor!

    Member News

    BWS members may submit a 60-word announcement gratis to be listed under the heading "Member News." Images will be included as space allows. Submissions are due by the 15th of the month preceding publication date, and may be edited for length or clarity. Please e-mail your submissions to the Newsletter Editor at

    Boxed off featured ads are available for $25 and may include up to 100 words and one image. Contact the Newsletter Editor at for details.

    J. M. Littleton is running a holiday offer for new students at her Littleton School of Art. Classes run on Fridays 10:30am-1pm and Saturdays 11am-1:30pm. or for more info.

    Annie Strack is featured in the December/January issue of Southwest Art magazine as a top award finalist in their annual Artistic Excellence competition.

    Sue Moses's painting "Pennyfield Towpath" was selected to be displayed as Contressman David Trone's Facebook cover image to show the beauty of Montgomery County, MD.


    Fallbrook Art Center
    13th Annual Signature American Watermedia International Exhibition
    Fallbrook, CA
    Entry Deadline: November 8, 2021

    Transparent Watercolor Society of America
    46th Annual Juried Exhibition
    Kenosha, WI
    Entry Deadline: January 31, 2022

    Spokane Watercolor Society
    National Juried Show
    Spokane, WA
    Entry Deadline: February 13, 2022

    Laurel Art Guild
    53rd Annual Open Juried Exhibition
    Laurel, MD
    Entry Deadline: February 25, 2022

    In Memoriam

    Connie Boland

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