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Highlights Newsletter SEPTEMBER 2022

President's Palette

Photograph of BWS president Sherry Morell

September’s President’s Palette is both a look into the Past and a look toward the Future of BWS.  The Board and particularly our new Treasurer, April Rimpo, and her Assistant, Ruth Lampi, have been looking closely at our finances, bringing us up to date with certifications and even trying to whip us into shape by the upcoming process of formulating Budgets (oh, that dreaded word) for our committees!  With financial expertise that previous BWS Treasurers (myself included) did not possess, they have revamped reports and even instituted a change in our Accounting Firm to fit our current needs.  They are looking to do the most for our BWS members that we can.  It is a process that will continue throughout the coming year and we would like to share it with you.

In this month’s Highlights we are also introducing a new feature of clever tips for artists as well as sending out a plea for help in vital positions in BWS.  This is Your organization and it won’t function without your help and participation. BWS needs You.

Sherry Morell
BWS President

    Things to Come
    April M. Rimpo, BWS Treasurer

    Over the last few years, Covid caused rapid changes in how art organizations operated in order to survive and serve their members. It also created some new and increased costs. So where do we go from here?

    Many members are exhausted from the full day Zoom workshops while others are still hesitant to venture into indoor venues while variants continue to spread. As a result we intend to institute a mix of both types of programs to serve both our clienteles:
    a) some short Zoom-based programs
    b) a variety of in-person programs of 6 hrs/day for 1 to 4 days.

    To test the waters, we chose a plein air event at Elkridge Furnace Inn with a lunch in their outdoor tent as our Annual Meeting and were thrilled with the great feedback.

    So what is coming?
    Evening programs for small fees have continued but with fewer registrants for social distancing. Our venue rental costs have not lessened so these programs sometimes operate at a loss that BWS subsidizes. Presenter fees have also increased for programs and all events below.

    Full (1 to 4) day workshops (Bragg in Sept; Daniels in Oct) and our 2nd and 3rd Free Zoom programs (Lambert in Oct; Walker in Feb) - already scheduled with more currently planned for 2023.  Plus, add in the annual Mid-Atlantic Events (exhibit, reception & wksp).

    Exhibition schedule - Multiple Separate Exhibits for Signature Only and Associate Only (based on surveyed Associate preference rather than a joint Signature/Associate exhibit). Our entry fee is $10, less than many of our fellow art organizations, and significantly less than Awards/costs for the exhibits. Venues: Baltimore County Public Library (BCPL) Hereford Branch, Quiet Waters, Roland Park Presbyterian Church & more in ’23.

    Possible Exhibit Expeditions - possible AWS Exhibition/NYC Bus Trip in ’23 and maybe a special Exhibit in DC area late ’22 (dependent upon Covid social distancing/cost/# of people). 

    Dues Changes
    Dues increase of $5 for 2023 (Associates $30, Signature Artists $40).

    We hope you value this variety of opportunities listed above and understand the need for the increase. Based on our research, $30 for Associates and $40 for Signature Artists is still $5 less than the average dues for Watercolor Organizations across the country. In addition, many groups made no distinction in dues between Associates and Signature Artists. BWS is also one of few Watercolor organizations whose Life members are not required to pay dues, with less than 10% providing a donation.  

    BWS will continue to subsidize many of our events so we can continue to hold them when we reach a minimum attendance agreed to with our instructors and presenters.  Dues paid beginning in September are applied through the next year. So if you pay or join us as early as September the new dues rate will cover membership through December of 2023.

    Needed: BWS Mid-Atlantic Exhibition Chair and Committee Assistants

    The position of the Mid-Atlantic Exhibition Chair has always been one of the most labor-intensive volunteer positions on the Board due to the amount of work involved in the annual organization and production of the exhibit and its allied events. It was realized that the position would be much more effective and less taxing if handled by a Team, with a Chair and 2 Assistants, to divide the workload and allow all the volunteers to still have careers as working artists.  BWS is thus advertising for applicants to fill the positions of both the Chair, who sits on the Board, and 2 Assistants comprising the BWS Mid-Atlantic Exhibition Committee.

    The Chair will have total oversight of all activities and is responsible for scheduling and planning the Exhibit including arranging for the dates, venue, juror, finances (coordinated with the Treasurer), prospectus, contracts, all email and newsletter announcements plus contacts with other organizations, in addition to overseeing and advising the 2 Assistants and overseeing catalog publication. 

    One Assistant will be tasked with setting up and handling submissions (probably via CaFE), image access for both the Juror and Webmaster (for the online version), and results notifications to the artists. The second Assistant will be involved in gallery activities (volunteer staffing and painting handling - which includes receiving, installation & hanging, then pickup & shipping), reception coordination (with the Awards and Hospitality committees) and also production and bulk mailing of catalogs.

    All Persons filling the positions will work together as a Team and should be proficient with computers, word processing, spreadsheets, Wild Apricot, and, as needed, CaFE.  There will be training for all positions as well as access during the organizational process.

    If interested in applying for any of the positions or for more information, please contact Sharon Green at

    Upcoming Events

    Note: The above Upcoming Events summary only displays the start date for each event. For full details please click on the event, or visit the Events page.

    Board Officer Position
    BWS Secretary Position Opening

    Deborah Cohan, our dedicated BWS Secretary, will be retiring from the position after 7 years of faithfully serving on the Board.  As a result, we are seeking someone to take over the duties of the office - which are to Record, Finalize (after a draft is proofed), and then Distribute the Board minutes of each regular monthly or special meeting.  Since this position is a BWS Board of Governors Officer, our Bylaws require that it may only be filled by a BWS Signature Artist.  For more information and/or to apply, please contact Sherry Morell, BWS President, at

    Member News

    BWS members may submit a 60-word announcement gratis to be listed under the heading "Member News." Images will be included as space allows. Submissions are due by the 15th of the month preceding publication date, and may be edited for length or clarity. Please e-mail your submissions to the Newsletter Editor at

    Boxed off featured ads are available for $25 and may include up to 100 words and one image. Contact the Newsletter Editor at for details.

    Annie Strack's paintings were juried into the Georgia Watercolor Society Annual Juried Members Exhibit, the Northeast Watercolor Society 46th International Exhibit, and the Kentucky Watercolor Society 45th National Exhibit. She was the President of the Awards Jury for the Annual International Dinard Plein Air Festival in Brittany, France.

    Nishita Jain
    is organizing an art retreat in India in November 2023. She and Radhika Srinivas will be jointly conducting a workshop in the sylvan hills of Himachal Pradesh during this retreat. Artists at all levels and working in any medium are welcome. For more details, visit:

    J. M. Littleton
    - Littleton School of Art:  Offering Monthly Watercolor Workshops, Fall dates, 10/22, 11/12, Topics, TBA.  Weekly classes continue, Friday & Saturday mornings. For pricing and information visit

    April Rimpo's painting “Forever Together” (shown) was juried into the Georgia Watercolor Society’s Member Exhibition 2022 on display at Quinlan Visual Arts Center in Gainsville, GA from Aug 11 – September 30.  Her painting “Transitions” was selected for the ISEA Innovations 2022 Annual International Open Juried Exhibtion on display at Art Gallery of St Albert in Alberta, Canada, and “Morning Routine” was juried into the Pittsburgh Watercolor Society’s Aqueous Open 2022 International held from Sept 8 – Oct 29th at Stifel Fine Arts Center in Wheeling, WV.

    Kathleen Ryan Gardiner will have a solo exhibit of wildlife/nature paintings at the Hollingsworth Gallery in the Patuxent Research Refuge, National Wildlife Visitor Center in Laurel, MD, September 1 -30th. "Red and Friend" (shown).

    “Lessons I Picked up Along the Way”

    Hi fellow artists.  This new column is a place for sharing art related tips.  Any time you come across a great product, website or technique that seems useful pass it on to the rest of us. Send your tip to me, Dana Kleinsteuber, Programs Chair, at I will post them here so we can all benefit. The tips are for all levels of painter so some things you may already know and some may be a revelation. The idea is that we can all share great ideas. Some examples are below.

    1. During Covid we have all been taking classes on zoom. The value of a zoom class can be determined by figuring out the hourly cost, the reputation of the instructor and the amount of interaction between the students and the instructor. Some workshops are over multiple days with only a few hours each day. Don't be fooled just because it is multiday. Divide the hours by the cost of the workshop so you can compare classes fairly. An internationally known instructor is usually priced higher. Interaction and feedback from the instructor is also worth more than just a demonstration. Be aware of what you are paying for!

    2. All splatters and spatters are not alike. I have had different amounts of success with the techniques. Different kinds of brushes produce different kinds of patterns. Splatters made with a soft natural hair brush are larger and more irregular. A hard toothbrush or bristle brush produces smaller more even spatters. Dabbing the brush so it is dryer makes the spatters more even. Try a few different tools.

    3. is the place to go to compare pigments. We have all taken workshops and seen a color paint we don't have. If you check the pigment code on the color you are going to use in the workshop on you may find you already own the color just under another name by a different manufacturer. 

    4. To check that your painting has a variety of values, copy both your painting and your source photo in black and white to compare them. Looking at your painting through a sheet of red acetate  or red plexiglass will also make the values clear.  Look through red plexiglass at the scene you are painting when plein air and you can tell what the value needs to be on your painting to convey the scene. A painting of all mid-tones is not what we want.

    5. BWS has started offering free demos. Make sure you are up to date on what is being offered. There is a free demo coming up in October but you must be registered. Leslie Lambert will be pouring paint for us. Liz Walker will be doing a free demo in January. Check their work out to see what they do, but don't wait until the last minute to register so we know we have enough space on zoom to accommodate everyone.

    2022 “Signature Artist” Membership Status Jurying

    The October Semi-annual “Signature Artist” Membership Status Jurying is rapidly approaching. Online registration will on September 15th and close on October 13th. There will be no “in person” drop off. Please read the jurying criteria on the BWS website before registering and prepare your four images so that the jury will see your work clearly and at its best.

    Images should be high resolution (300 dpi), jpeg, 1950 pixels or 6.5” on the longest side. Please show only the painted image, no mat or frame. All work submitted must be original in concept and execution, not copied or derived from a student class or workshop, nor copies or likenesses of other artists’ work, and be free from any copyright infringement.

    Please review full instructions on the BWS website

    If you have any questions contact Kathleen (Kathy) Gardiner at

    We are looking forward to seeing your latest work.

    Welcome New Associate Members

      Patricia Boyst, Hagerstown, MD

      Devorah Brooks, Baltimore, MD

      Sasha Butts, Fairfax, VA

      Virginia Chandler, Woodbine, VA

      John Ellis, White Hall, MD

      Chuck Jarrett, Columbia, MD

      Leslie Marcuse, Columbia, MD

      Donna Moeller, Olney, MD

      Alan Rich, Silver Spring, MD

      Jacquelyn Rouse, Severna Park, MD

      Cheri Whiting, Ormond Beach, FL


      Miniature Painters, Sculptors, Gravers Society of Washington, DC
      90th International Exhibition of Fine Art in Miniature
      Strathmore Mansion in North Bethesda, MD
      Entry Deadline: September 10, 2022

      New Better Business Bureau Alert

      In June BBB put out an alert about Facebook Marketplace scams.  This one was related to selling art, but could be selling other types of products on other platforms. You can read their report at  They have other articles about selling on other platforms where the buyer is willing to pay more than the asking price and using payment services for the payment. Basic Buyer Beware advice.

      Board of Governors and Committee Chairs
      Baltimore Watercolor Society, a 501c3 Nonprofit Organization

      Please note: Multiple names are listed for several positions as both the outgoing current Board Member and the new member in training are included.

      President: Sharon Morell,, 443-465-1863

      Vice President:

      Secretary: Deborah Cohan, 301-977-6212

      Treasurer: April Rimpo,, 443-766-0148

      Assistant Treasurer: Ruth Lampi, 240-515-0552

      Mid-Atlantic Co-Chair (outgoing): Sharon Green,, 410-363-1922

      Mid-Atlantic Committee: Susan Bradley, 301-525-6303

      Workshops: Sabine Yeager,, 410-245-0366

      Programs: Dana Kleinsteuber,, 410-917-7935

      Webmaster: Bob Coe, 410-877-3730

      Newsletter Editor: Devin Lulu,, 302-690-8635

      Archivist: Karen Norman, 301-318-2224

      Hospitality Chair: Karen Schuster, 410-531-5768

      Hospitality: Joan Orcutt, 240-381-9309

      Membership/Database: Janice Hendra,, 410-271-4943

      Membership/Jurying: Kathleen Gardiner, 410-991-1183

      Mid-Atlantic Awards: Janet Arsenault, 410-713-0248

      Mid-Atlantic Awards: Janet Freeman, 410-299-3906

      Exhibits Chair: David Drown, 410-971-9769

      Exhibits: Kathy Daywalt, 410-507-1662

      Publicity/Social Media: Jennifer Murtha, 443-834-4160

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