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February 2023

President's Palette

A new year means endless activity. Our Treasurer, April, and her assistant, Ruth, have been busy creating a Budget for 2023 and looking at Cost Analyses, Sabine and Dana have been organizing multiple Workshops and Demos, David has reserved venues for exhibits and then there is the Mid-Atlantic with Sharon and our new Chair Jim (see below) and so much more… It’s all lots of organization and paperwork, even if it’s a Zoom or online event that is involved.  

One of the changes coming to our Website is a new public area listing our members who teach classes or take commissions and you have all been receiving emails to that effect. We are making it easier for people seeking your services to find you. But, if you are new, or you just have not updated your profile in a while to include that information, we can’t add your information to our new listing.

So, please – everyone, update your profiles.  It is to your advantage:  
Do you teach or take commissions? (An attention getter for potential clients is an image of yourself or of a painting, so please upload one.)
What is your birth year?  (We are not nosey, but Life membership is partially contingent on age.)
Do you have talents in specific areas?  We often search the databases looking for members to fit certain Board positions.
Would you like to volunteer in certain areas or suggest artists or workshops? Or do a workshop or demo?  Help us find you or what you would like to learn, and from what artists - because You are BWS.

Wild Apricot is currently providing us technical assistance so that both the new Teaching and Commission information lists correctly on our Public Pages, and any problems are expected to be resolved quickly.

And speaking of new volunteers, I would like to introduce you to our new BWS Chair of the Mid-Atlantic, Jim Sandford, who will tell us about himself and also a bit about the 2023 Mid-Atlantic. Take it away Jim…

BWS President's Signature
Sherry Morell
BWS President

Jim Sandford, Chair, BWS Mid-Atlantic Regional Watercolor Exhibition

Having grown up in California and Colorado, Jim came east in the mid-1970s to study mathematics at Johns Hopkins University and has since remained in the Baltimore-Washington area. He worked 37 years for IBM and Lockheed Martin as an engineer and program manager. He was a member of the team that developed the Global Positioning System that we all now use, and spent many years working on programs for the FAA. Jim is now retired.

Jim has been a part-time studio potter since the 1980s, working from a studio he built at home which includes a large wood-burning kiln. He dabbled in sketching and watercolor for years before deciding to step-up his focus on watercolor and began attending various classes and workshops. Jim juried into Signature membership in the BWS in the Fall of 2022.

Jim also enjoys long distance running, travel, foreign language study and genealogical studies.

Jim lives in Sykesville with his wife, Janelle, a retired pediatrician. They have a grown daughter who works as an astrophysicist in Cambridge in the UK, and a grown son who works as an engineer in Maryland.

    BWS 2023 Mid-Atlantic Regional Watercolor Exhibition

    We are pleased to announce that the 2023 Mid-Atlantic Regional Watercolor Juried Exhibition will be held in the Arts Barn and Kentlands Mansion in Gaithersburg, Maryland from October 6, 2023 to January 15, 2024.  Entries will be accepted via the CAFE system between June 2 and August 2, 2023, with notification of selected artists planned for September 1.  Please mark your calendars.

    We are so very proud to reveal that our Juror for the 2023 Mid-Atlantic is BWS’ own Alexis Lavine (NWS, TWSA) who will also be teaching the Mid-Atlantic Workshop in October and giving a demo in November!  She won the Gold Medal at the 2020 M-A with her moving painting “Twenty Seconds” - memorializing the pandemic routine of washing her own hands.

    The 2023 exhibition will be hosted by Kentlands in Gaithersburg October 6 - January 15, just in time for the year-end holiday buying! Make that New Year’s resolution to create your strongest work, and submit it this summer. (More details to follow.)

    BWS Members' Winter Wonders

    We are pleased to present "Winter Wonders" painted by BWS Members. Thank you to all who submitted paintings! It is great to be able to share your paintings in our newsletter and also use these in emails during the next couple months. Start thinking about Spring Paintings. We'll let you know when we are ready to receive them.

    Alina Kurbiel

    "After the Snowstorm, Cleveland Park"
    Barry D. Lindley

    "Reflections of Winter"
    Carolyn Councell

    "Stream in Snow"
    Claire Femiano

    "Mount Washington Valley in February"
    David Drown

    "Glacier Paradise"
    Leslie Ann Baldwin

    "Afternoon Social"
    Jo Houtz

    "Promising Warmth"
    Nishita Jain

    "Winter Frost"
    Rhoda Seiden

    "Canadian Geese in Snowy Woods"
    Sandra Holler

    "Snowy Pair"
    Sharon Fuller

    "Just a Dusting"
    Devin K. Lulu

    "Flight in February"
    Stacey Sass

    "Evening Hush"
    Mak Dehejia

    All images are the property of the artists and protected by copyright. No image can be used without the written permission of the artist.

    Signature Artist Jurying March 2023

    The BWS invites and encourages all Associates and non-BWS Artists, who reside in the “Mid-Atlantic Region (Maryland, Delaware, District of Columbia, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, or West Virginia) to consider becoming a “Signature Member Artist”. Please choose four of your best paintings and register for the March 2023 Jurying Event.

    Registration opens on February 9th and closes on March 9th at 11:30pm.
    Please review full instructions on the BWS website:
    Questions?  Please contact Kathleen (Kathy) Gardiner, BWS Jury Chair at or 410-991-1183.

    We look forward to seeing your work!

    13 BWS Members’ Paintings Accepted into the 156th AWS Exhibit in NYC

    Judy Antico

    Joanna Barnum, AWS*

    Janet Belich, AWS 

    Matthew Bird

    Denny Bond, AWS, D.F. 

    David R. Eakin

    Lynn Ferris, AWS

    Ann Smiga Greene, AWS*

    Michael Kotarba

    Alexis Lavine

    Jan Ledbetter, AWS

    Stacy Lund Levy, AWS*

    Pam Wenger, AWS

    * You will note that Joanna Barnum, Ann Smiga Greene and Stacy Lund Levy all have an asterisk (*) beside the AWS after their names.  The significance is that this is their 3rd acceptance into the AWS Exhibition and they are now AWS Signature Artist members.  Congratulations Joanna, Ann and Stacy.

    Upcoming Events

    Note: The above Upcoming Events summary only displays the start date for each event. For full details please click on the event, or visit the Events page.

    member News

    BWS members may submit a 60-word announcement gratis to be listed under the heading "Member News." Images will be included as space allows. Submissions are due by the 15th of the month preceding publication date, and may be edited for length or clarity. Please e-mail your submissions to the Newsletter Editor at

    Boxed off featured ads are available for $25 and may include up to 100 words and one image. Contact the Newsletter Editor at for details.

    Watercolor painting by Alina Kurbiel

    Alina Kurbiel
    would like to invite everyone over 50 to her ZOOM watercolor and drawing courses at Renaissance Institute on Notre Dame of Maryland University. The classes will start February 7th, 2023. The drawing sessions are led in an easy-to-follow way with friendly colleague art critiques. 


    Watercolor painting by Alexis Lavine
    Alexis Lavine
    has been accepted into the 156th Annual International Exhibition of the American Watercolor Society. The exhibition will be held at the Salmagundi Club in New York City, April 3-28. Shown is her accepted painting: “Toppa the Eighth,” watercolor on cold pressed paper, 22x15”

    J. M. Littleton, Littleton School of Art offers monthly Watercolor Workshops:  2/25/23, 11-2:30 pm, in-person or online.  Study Realistic Watercolor weekly:  Fri. 10:30-1 pm, Sat. 11-1:30 pm.  Contact J. M. for more info & to enroll.

    Annie Strack’s painting “Fishing Buddies” is featured in the January issue of Fine Art Connoisseur magazine, and her painting “Toes in the Water” is in the 48th edition of The Art of Watercolour Magazine. She had a solo show at the Heggan Library Gallery in Sewell, New Jersey, in December.

    Lessons We Picked Up Along the Way

    Hi fellow artists, me again. This column is a place for sharing art related tips. Any time you come across a great product, website or technique that seems useful pass it on to the rest of us. If we have to rely on me alone to come up with ideas this column will not last long. Send your tip to Dana Kleinsteuber at I will post them here so we can all benefit. The tips are for all levels of painter so some things you may already know and some may be a revelation. The idea is that we can all share great ideas. Some examples are below.

    1. We live in an art rich area where there are many opportunities to see wonderful historic art but also new art. Sign up to be a member of an art museum. You will be informed about what new exhibits are coming to your area. Sometimes there are special tours or lectures available to members. Those who are close to Washington or New York have an abundance of opportunities and many of them are free. If you are not a member of your local museum, check the web site regularly for what exhibitions you will be able to see.

    2. We all have problems with tubes of paint sometimes. I have had caps split. Now I collect caps from used paint tubes to use as replacements. Some are different so save at least one of each kind. I have tubes harden. Now I cut them up the side and put what ever paint I can get out of the tube into a palette or a spare plastic container. You can order plastic film type canisters on line. The top fits tightly. I have had paint tubes that have binder leak out. That yellowish stuff that you may have seen is binder. It is sometimes gum arabic but not always. You can use a straightened paperclip to try to mix it into the paint still in the tube.

    3. If you don't like the look of graphite pencil lines in your painting use a watercolor pencil for your drawing so it will blend into the background. Choose colors that are similar to the ones used in your painting.

    4. Use a magnifying glass with a light to help see fine details in your photo.

    5. A painting is not a photograph. Leave some details out. Don't make everything in sharp focus.

    6. Sign up for Joe Cibere's 4-day workshop in April. He will be coming from California to teach us how he incorporates ink into his paintings. 

    7. Sign up for Joyce Bell's 2 day class on March 23-24 called “Make Your Photographs Work for You” at  There are still a few openings left.

    Watercolor painting by Joyce Bell
    "Corner Bikes" by Joyce Bell

    Watercolor painting by Joyce Bell
    “Blocked In” by Joyce Bell

    All images are the property of the artists and protected by copyright. No image can be used without the written permission of the artist.


    Do you struggle with depth and dimension in your paintings? 
    Are you lost in a mire of mid-tones? 

    Then check out the article about our workshop instructor, Joe Cibere, in “Watercolor Artist” Magazine February 2019 issue, and sign up to learn not only a new technique, but how to use value to turn your photos into dynamic paintings.

    "Mid-Tone Crisis - Ink First" with Joe Cibere

    Joe Cibere's workshop is now open for registration. He will be teaching values by using waterproof inks and watercolors by using the process of "NOTAN" to see the shapes defined by light and dark values. The pictures are painted with waterproof India ink, so that all that's left to do is to paint the mid-tone color.
    There will also be painting with special semi-waterproof ink that breaks down into several colors.

    Joe Cibere watercolor workshop imageJoe Cibere watercolor workshop imageJoe Cibere watercolor workshop imageJoe Cibere watercolor workshop image

    More information and registration can be found at


    Niagara Frontier Watercolor Society

    NFWS Spring 2023 OPEN Watercolor Exhibition
    Carnegie Art Center
    North Tonawanda, New York
    Entry Deadline: February 26, 2023

    Taubman Museum of Art

    65th Annual Sidewalk Art Show
    Roanoke, Virginia
    Entry Deadline: March 13, 2023

    Watercolor West

    55th Watercolor West International Juried Exhibition
    Art Gallery at Coastline College
    Newport Beach, CA
    Entry Deadline: March 15, 2023

    Membership Dues

    Thanks to all who paid their dues between October 1st and now. As of January 15th, we still have 74 members who have not as yet renewed online or sent a check to the Membership Chair. Please remember, to be considered on time, dues should be paid by January 31st. If you have sent a check, there may be mail delivery delays, but we will process your check as soon as it arrives. 

    It is suggested that you pay your dues online to expedite processing. To log on and pay your dues visit

    You can also pay by sending a check made out to the “Baltimore Watercolor Society” and mailing it to:
    Janice Hendra - Membership
    103 Avondale Circle
    Severna Park, MD 21106

    For those who have not yet paid dues, please remember payment should be made by January 31st to be considered on time.

    We very much appreciate your continued interest in BWS.

    Welcome New Associate Members

      Carol Auerbach, Baltimore, MD

      Hannah Brobst Groholski, Beltsville, MD

      Joan Cranor, Hurlock, MD

      Yogini Dahiwadkar, Ellicott City, MD

      Catherine Kelly Davis, Ellicott City, MD

      Anne Marie Devoles, Hanover, MD

      Joanne Fitzpatrick, Ellicott City, MD

      Chris Koh, Rockville, MD

      Kathleen Maling, Havre de Grace, MD

      Linda Silverman, Potomac, MD

      B. Ajo Stewart, Baltimore, MD

      In Memoriam

        Alice Webb, Ellicott City, MD (BWS Past President 1992-1996)

        Watercolor paintings by Alice Webb

        Board of Governors and Committee Chairs
        Baltimore Watercolor Society, a 501c3 Nonprofit Organization

        Please note: Multiple names are listed for several positions as both the outgoing current Board Member and the new member in training are included.

        President: Sharon Morell,, 443-465-1863

        Vice President:


        Treasurer: April Rimpo,, 443-766-0148

        Assistant Treasurer: Ruth Lampi,, 240-515-0552

        Mid-Atlantic Co-Chair (outgoing): Sharon Green,, 410-363-1922

        Mid-Atlantic Co-Chair (new): Jim Sandford,

        Mid-Atlantic Committee: Susan Bradley, 301-525-6303

        Workshops: Sabine Yeager,, 410-245-0366

        Programs and Workshops: Dana Kleinsteuber,, 410-917-7935

        Webmaster: Bob Coe, 410-877-3730

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        Archivist: Karen Norman, 301-318-2224

        Hospitality Chair: Karen Schuster, 410-531-5768

        Hospitality Committee: Deborah Cohan, 301-977-6212

        Membership/Database: Janice Hendra,, 410-271-4943

        Membership/Jurying: Kathleen Gardiner, 410-991-1183

        Mid-Atlantic AwardsJanet Arsenault, 410-713-0248

        Mid-Atlantic Awards: Janet Freeman, 410-299-3906

        Exhibits Chair: David Drown, 410-971-9769

        Exhibits: Kathy Daywalt, 410-507-1662

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